Twitter Tracking Tools: How to Work More Effectively With Twitter

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Twitter is a powerful tool that enables you to connect with people all around the world and build up a large following of people interested in your products, services or comments on your website. In order to get maximum benefits out of your twitter marketing efforts, it is necessary to have the right twitter tracking tools in place. The easiest way to find the best tools is to read what others are saying about the products and services you are considering and using those as an example to gauge whether the product is worth the investment.

So how do you know which Twitter tools to buy? There are two main types of Twitter tools you can use. One is the paid one, which can be useful if you want to target specific markets or influencers. The other is the free version which you can use to simply keep track of your campaigns. The key features to look for when choosing one include:

Track your campaigns. The easiest way for you to analyze your campaigns is to view the statistics for your followers and the number of clicks on each link. This allows you to easily see whether there is a pattern to your marketing efforts or whether you are simply losing people because they don’t find your site or blog after looking at your links. Paid Twitter tracking tools will automatically email you each day stats on your campaign, allowing you to analyze data to identify weak spots and strengthen them for greater success.

Reach out to influencers. If you don’t already have huge following of influential followers on Twitter, then you need to start building up your following now. There are many tools available to help you quickly and easily reach out to your target market, which include: twitter lists, twitter videos, blog subscriptions and many more.

Analyze your results. Most Twitter tools allow you to analyze your followers and engagement. These include the top influencers in your industry, your competition as well as people who follow you in your industry niche. Knowing your target market is essential so that you can make effective changes to promote your brand, which in turn drives more sales.

Analyze your stats. Many Twitter tools provide free version to track your followers and engagement. In your free version, you can view the raw data, view trends and get detailed information about individual tweets. You may also receive customized reports based on your own tweets. The free version will not have all of the stats available in a paid version, which includes detailed stats for each tweet, details of engagement, and tweet views, which allow you to fine-tune your campaigns.

Use the dashboard. Twitter offers a dashboard that provides detailed information about your customers, followers and engagement on a single page. From the dashboard, you can clearly view who is following you and how you are performing compared with your competitors. The dashboard also provides a list of the most popular and most talked about keywords, which helps you target your ads.

Reach influencers. Twitter’s paid version and its analytics tracking feature allows you to track your campaign performance across the different social media channels. With the right tools, you can learn how you are losing followers or gaining new followers on a particular channel and track your ROI based on your sales conversion. This feature is very helpful for reaching your key influencers.

Find the audience. Twitter gives you access to the audience. Through its API, you can search for users based on their geographic location, age and language. You can find your audience by geography as followers of a particular business are more likely to be from the same area or from the same country as you are. You can also use the API to search for users based on their engagement level, such as” tweet the most” or “retweet the most”, which will help you identify the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Use the hashtags. Twitter has an API that makes it easy to access the hashtags used by your competitors and customers to reach them. The data provided includes the hash tag frequency and the number of times a particular hash tag was mentioned, the most recent posts and tweets made on the given hash tag and the engagement level of the users who mentioned the tagged post.

Get email alerts. The hash tags and the engagement level of the users can tell you a lot about your customers, but sometimes you need more information beyond that. Tracking tools give you access to relevant email batches so that you can send out targeted campaigns based on user data to ensure you reach all of your target audiences. To get one of the best free trial offers of twitter apps, consider getting email alerts so that you can set up targeted campaigns to get your foot in the door with potential buyers, along with setting up an autoresponder for sales follow-ups and more.

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