Twitter Audit Tool: Learn How To Monitor Your Twitter Account

Twitter Audit Tool: Learn How To Monitor Your Twitter Account 1

A Twitter Audit tool is a highly useful diagnostic tool to measure how your account performs. It will examine a number of elements of your online profile and then identify those that need urgent attention. However, running a Twitter Audit would not necessarily be an excellent effort for private profiles; however, for most businesses’ social networking accounts it would be an absolutely vital move.

When a business is using Twitter, they are more than likely using it as a way to connect with other consumers and establish a rapport with their customers. This in itself is a highly desirable trait, especially in the event that the business is a brand new start up or a small scale company looking to establish a strong name for themselves and gain momentum.

However, if the business uses Twitter for promotional purposes, then it is very unlikely that this would be the case. In fact, even when a company runs advertisements on the site it is still very likely that the bulk of the advertising will not be on the Twitter account. Rather, the ads may appear on the business’s main site. Therefore, the best way to identify which parts of the profile are most effective for adverts is through the use of a Twitter audit tool.

There are a number of tools which exist which will help you determine which parts of your account need your attention. For example, there is an option available that allows you to enter the URL address that appears at the end of a campaign. The tool will then generate a list of all the links that appear in a particular URL so that you can find out which links are generating the most traffic to your Twitter account.

Another popular tool used by businesses when conducting a Twitter audit is called Tweetmister. This tool enables you to monitor the activity of individual tweets in real time. It is a great tool to look for any mistakes or gaps in the timeline that may indicate that you need to make changes to your own advertising strategy.

There are also several applications on the internet which allow you to view information about Twitter users who have a particular interest in your business. These applications allow you to search for these people with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. This makes it extremely easy to target your audience with adverts based on their tweets. Therefore, this is another great benefit to a good Twitter audit tool.

Twitter has a very large archive of information relating to other users and this archive is updated all the time. Therefore, it is always possible to read what other users are saying about your competitors. This information can be incredibly valuable and is used by companies to gain further insight into their strategies as well as their customers.

Although a Twitter audit is a useful tool for monitoring your account, it is not a necessary one. You should keep checking the status of each tweet to ensure it is relevant and informative. As long as you maintain an interesting and useful profile, you will be able to generate a steady flow of information which will help you improve your company.

The good news is that you can easily run your own Twitter audit on your own. In fact, the majority of the tools that are available are free to download. All you need to do is set up your account and then search for the tweets which you want to monitor.

The next thing to do is to search for keywords that you believe are likely to be used by people searching for the product that you offer. You then can write short text and links in your posts to entice people towards your site and to your website. The aim of this type of tweeting is to get more people to visit your website and therefore increase the effectiveness of your ads.

The tool that you choose will depend on your level of experience and knowledge. However, if you want a tool that will help you monitor your account, the following tools outlined above are good places to start looking.

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