The Pros and Cons of Using a Guerilla Marketing Strategy

The Pros and Cons of Using a Guerilla Marketing Strategy 1

What exactly is guerilla marketing? The term guerilla vernacularizes the phrase “guerilla” – an indigenous or unconventional agent who makes his own contributions to the combat, and is ready to sacrifice himself for the cause. In this case, the agent is trying to help the oppressed people in some country achieve freedom. The term guerilla marketing was made popular by the movie, Apocalipse. It gives an excellent description of the way some organizations are prepared to put themselves in the shoes of the oppressed people and use unconventional tactics to attain their goals.

How do we make use of these tactics? Companies have started to use these tactics in order to gain popularity. They use social media as well as traditional marketing campaigns in order to gain popularity. Some businesses even hire the services of professional guerilla marketing companies in order to carry out effective marketing campaigns. There are several advantages of guerilla marketing.

The first advantage is that it’s cheap! Since there are no real advertising costs involved, many companies can afford to create an effective guerilla marketing strategy that doesn’t necessarily cost them a lot of money. Instead, the companies can spend some money on hiring people who are knowledgeable about creating buzz building techniques. These people can spread the word about their companies by performing fun activities. Sometimes these buzz builders even create small guerrilla wars with local governments or other authorities, to spread awareness about a particular brand.

Another advantage of guerilla marketing is that it’s difficult to define. Since there are numerous ways of creating buzz, marketers often use unconventional tactics to stay in the news. Sometimes they even make use of illegal activities such as vandalizing buildings in order to draw attention to their brands. Sometimes they just create silly statements like “It’s not my fault my blender died” in order to create a big fuss. This form of marketing is usually associated with street artists but can also be used by marketers who prefer to use unconventional tactics.

The third advantage of guerilla marketing is its unpredictability. A good guerilla marketing campaign relies on a combination of different methods in order to spread awareness about a brand. Social media, viral videos, graffiti, and other unorthodox tactics are used in order to attract attention. However, since all these strategies rely on social media in order to spread awareness, they don’t always work as planned.

A good guerilla marketing campaign should be able to spread quickly. It should also be able to withstand certain types of criticism. To make a buzz, for instance, a company might have to distribute flyers, give out press releases, or perform live performances or giveaways. A publicity campaign can be risky especially when it involves a brand that has not been widely known up until now. If these efforts fail to spread any buzz, the company will not gain anything from them.

There is no way to completely predict when and where this strategy will work so successful companies have to adapt and change to suit any changing market conditions. Sometimes, it can be useful to leave old strategies behind because new ones may have a better impact. One example of this strategy is when a marketing method becomes very popular among users but remains unknown or even rarely used by the general population. In this case, the company simply has to pick up the adopted idea and incorporate it into their promotional campaigns. In most cases, this type of guerilla marketing is adopted by small businesses that do not have the financial resources to fully utilize this method on a long term basis.

Despite its disadvantages, there are still benefits that come from guerilla marketing. First, this strategy offers a unique way to promote a brand as it is completely unencumbered by traditional marketing methods such as branding, packaging, advertising, and distribution. A unique promotional campaign like this one has the potential to capture a broad audience without exhausting resources that would be needed with other campaigns. Another benefit is the fact that this strategy requires minimal investment. A guerilla marketing campaign only needs to be implemented once or twice to have an effect on the audience. These advantages make guerilla marketing worth trying for any business no matter how small or large.

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