The Pros and Cons of Bluehost Hosting

The Pros and Cons of Bluehost Hosting 1

Are you considering signing up with Bluehost? Perhaps you’ve heard of their amazing customer service and the fact that they offer hundreds of templates for you to choose from. It’s a pretty good package and they are generally reliable but there are some disadvantages of using them.

The first disadvantage of Bluehost is the fact that they are highly optimized for e-commerce. This means if your only purpose for signing up is to start selling on eBay, then it doesn’t make sense to go with a low bandwidth and cost per page hosting platform. On top of that, the way bluehost markets their services make them unsuitable for someone who is just getting started online. For example, all of their sales pages are sales pitches and are not useful at all in providing insight into what to sell or how to sell.

The second major drawback is the fact that it limited and lacks flexibility in their customer support. Since most people signing up with shared hosting will have to deal with problems eventually, it is important that the support offered by the host is as good as possible. Unfortunately, bluehost lacks an excellent level of support and their support team are mostly unhelpful. Most of the time their support people will try to sell you things like their “secret techniques” when actually all they offer you are their own poorly written email accounts and generic support articles.

One of the other disadvantages of Bluehost is their lack of flexibility and control over their server resources. You may be thinking that this is a good thing since you will be able to decide exactly what to do over your server. The fact is, bluehost does not allow you to take full control of your server so it becomes necessary to hire a virtual server management company to help you out with things. If you do not know of any VPS companies, then you will be forced to handle things yourself which can become very problematic for a small business owner. Although this can be a setback, the primary advantage of a VPS server is that it gives you the flexibility to customize your website however you see fit.

The third primary advantage and disadvantages of Bluehost are that it does not give you the best value for your money. Although it has some great features, it is priced too high. This price is quite steep when compared to other VPS providers. When looking at the other options, you will find that the prices are not that much higher than shared hosting and often you can get better quality as well. Bluehost’s price is just too high and it will make it hard for them to make money in the future.

The fourth primary advantage and disadvantage of Bluehost are that they do not have many options when it comes to their control panel. They are limited to cPanel which is not the best use of their time. The alternative that you have is to use a control panel such as Plesk or Cpanel and you will be able to customize your website exactly how you want. When it comes down to the cPanel, it is very simple but the alternative is much more complex and offers more control over your website.

The fifth and final major drawback of Bluehost is that it only allows you to host one domain name on their server. They will not allow you to host more than one domain with them because they feel that it may cause confusion for their customers. This is actually an unnecessary restriction and they should reconsider it. It is also frustrating because you cannot transfer different domains from one host to another. This is another reason why people use shared hosting instead of Bluehost. When you have multiple domains you can easily transfer them to another host without any problems.

Overall, Bluehost is a good service. They have the best price out there, and they provide excellent customer service. If you need to host more than one domain they have a very reasonable plan. If you want more advantages or disadvantages then you should really look into one of the other hosts. If you do a lot of web hosting then it is always better to get a package so that you save some money and you get everything you need.

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