The Best Car Commercials of All Time

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These are some of the best car commercials ever made. I can not say which are my favorites, but there are definitely a handful that stand out. In this article I will compare these best commercials of all time to some of the new shows on TV for the best auto commercial spots. These are my favorites of the best car commercials to air during the 2020 Super Bowl. Enjoy!

“Irene”, “My Lovin’ Pup” and “Come On You Reds” are three of the best car commercials of all time. The first one that comes to mind is the old Rugged Old Man commercial. It’s about a fifty-year-old retired plumber who gets an urge to go out and have some fun. He jumps in his truck and head for the big city. He ends up having a lot of trouble getting around, but he finally gets to the movie theater he always wanted to go to.

In this super bowl spot we see the Rugged Old Man trying to get around in his truck. He has problems getting into the movie theater, and finally has to call a taxi. The taxi driver is non stop traffic, and he finally gets to the theater. This commercial breaks down what many of the best commercials have said over the years. It’s about perseverance, determination, and the desire to reach your destination.

“Irene” is another great example of a great commercial for a car commercial. This is a newer version of the old Rugged Old Man commercial. In this one the older man is a widower, and he has a small dog that follows him everywhere. After he gets off the bus, the dog runs after him and asks for a kiss. The commercial has the old man giving the kiss to the dog, and it ends with the dog hanging off the bus.

This might seem a bit too corny for a super bowl commercial, but there are a lot of great examples of commercials that have the “Irene” quote in them. One of the best car commercials has to be the one for Rugged Old Man. This commercial not only tells the story of how Rugged Old Man started his business, but also gives some history on his company. It shows how his company has been able to overcome adversity, and how he got to where he is today. It shows how perseverance can get you just where you want to be, and what obstacles might have been stopping others from reaching their goals. It’s a great message to help the car audience understand that hard work and determination can get you where you want to be.

One commercial that comes to mind when thinking about best car commercials would be “I’m Not Fat”. This commercial is probably the most famous commercial from O.J Simpson. It shows him as a fat guy who is trying to get out of a restaurant. The commercial shows him going into the restaurant and barely getting a seat, while a bunch of other people scream at him and his friends to get in their cars and leave the restaurant. The message is clear, if you aren’t like me, you’re not going to get out of this restaurant any time soon.

Probably the best car commercials of all time is the one for Budweiler, or the Budweiler on steroids. This commercial is probably my favorite because it so accurately shows the life of a Budweiler. You know, all the glory and love that come with having such a majestic dog as your family. They are strong, they are vicious, and they are great. From the Budweiler commercial you get the message that no matter how much you abuse your dog, he will always pull through, and that’s just the way that he is.

The best commercial of all time, hands down, is Super Bowl XLII. This commercial takes us back to the Super Bowl and its glory days. Bill Walsh is the head coach of the Super Bowl now, but he was the architect of one of the best plays in Super Bowl history. He and his assistants schemed every play, down to the last grass blades before the game, and they made it happen.

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