The Best Affiliate Link Tracking Tools

The Best Affiliate Link Tracking Tools 1

Link building is a very important part of search engine optimization. It is vital to your website and it must be tracked and measured regularly in order to improve your page rank and your conversions. There are many different link tracking tools available that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Here are the 5 easiest link tracking tools available:

Easy link meter – Real-time link tracking information gathered by the program. This type of program displays the number of clicks, impressions and downloads. It can also show the number of site links created and the number of links that have been discarded. This tool is easy to use and it provides immediate results. The program displays the data in a format that is easily understood by any link builder.

Conversions Profiler – This tracking service offers marketers a premium service. Premium services means the customer gets additional benefits. For example, marketers can pay an annual fee and receive unlimited link clicks, impressions, site links and domain names. However, the marketers have to upgrade their account every three months.

Clicktracker – This is an outstanding link building software that offers a completely free trial. This tool can be used for free by anyone. It is capable of tracking all types of links including text, html and affiliate sales ads. It has advanced features that make it ideal for online retargeting and direct mail campaigns. The program offers a daily report for free.

Link Yard – This is another excellent tool for those who are new to link building. It is mainly for website owners and marketers who need to monitor the effectiveness of link campaigns across multiple domains and websites. The free version only allows one domain and tracking ads across multiple campaigns. It costs $2.00 per day or can be monthly subscription.

Smart Track Machine – This is one of the easiest and most convenient link tracking software that a marketer can use. It has an easy-to-use interface and is able to display an overview of the URL’s, keywords and ad groups used in the campaign. The other tools included are an advanced search feature that allows internet marketers to search for specific keywords, a search engine optimization tool and a link analysis tool.

AdWords Keyword Tool – It is probably one of the best link tracking tools that internet marketers can find. This is a free program that is designed to help internet marketers analyze their keyword campaigns. Besides, it also allows the user to generate a traffic estimate using different methods. This tool generates a free traffic estimate for one week.

Advanced Ad Tracking Tools – Paid or Free, these two ad tracking software provide good value. It allows the user to easily examine the cost per click for both organic and paid ads. It also has advanced options such as the ability to manage ad groups, click fraud protection and the ability to manage ad translations.

WordPress Link Tracker – Paid. This is one of the best affiliate link tracker tools that you can use on the web. It is very user friendly and offers a lot of useful features such as click tracker, heatmap visualization and lots more. It is free to download and is easy to install on your website.

Click Tracker Free Trial – You can try out this click tracking tool absolutely free. It offers more than just the regular tracking but it also comes with a free trial version. This tool enables you to monitor the performance of your pay per click campaigns and it helps you understand your audience. It will tell you what keywords they are searching and how many times per day they click on them. This tool will also tell you which of your ads are bringing the most traffic to your website or which ones are not achieving your goal.

Voluum Marketing Toolbar – A simple tool with advanced features that help you track the performance of your pay per click campaigns. This includes click through rate (CTR), a quality score, ad type and landing page. You will also get to know which keywords your visitors are using to find your site. You will also get to know how much traffic is coming to your site from each keyword. This is a paid service, so you need to pay for this service.

Some other link trackers include the following: Link Yard, PriceWaterhouse Coaching, Link Trackers Pro, Ad Wordtracker and Advanced Link Trackers. All these tools have different features and you must select the one that suits your needs the best. So get one of the best link tracking tools and start making money from now on!

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