Small Business Marketing Tips – How to Leverage Your Limited Resources

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Marketing can be tricky, especially when it is done by the small guy on a shoestring budget. If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, but don’t have a lot of marketing resources to start with, there are some marketing tips for you. Here s what many YEC members had to say:

“First, I recommend additional reading. Read everything you can get your hands on about marketing and promoting your local business. Read marketing books, read internet marketing books, and talk to marketing mentors. You will realize that marketing is a whole different ballgame than most small business owners realize.

“Second, I recommend investing in some marketing strategies. Many times marketing isn’t all that people say it is. If you don’t have a marketing strategy at your disposal, then invest in one, whether it is a web marketing strategy, or an email marketing strategy or a local marketing strategy, or a viral marketing strategy. You will realize that marketing is a whole different ballgame than most small businesses realize.” successfully in no time. worked and they can repeat those tactics if they want to be successful.

The reality is that marketing isn’t easy and there is a lot of work involved. Often times, entrepreneurs will spend more time on marketing strategies than they do their other marketing efforts because they have limited marketing resources. Unfortunately, having limited marketing resources can mean having to work harder or more effectively on many marketing campaigns.

So, what is the best strategy for small businesses? The best strategy is to create multiple marketing strategies that compliment each other. For instance, you could create a blog or a website, offer free information that the audience is interested in and offer free products that help the audience to achieve the goals that you have set forth for them. You could also offer free informational products like eBooks. Offer your subscribers free information in the form of articles and ezines that they can use. You could even offer free video training courses so that your potential customers can learn the skills they need to successfully market for you.

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