Responsive Email Tips – Creating Your Own Personal Code

Responsive Email Tips - Creating Your Own Personal Code 1

Responsive email is essentially a newsletter which has special coding that enables it to correctly display flawlessly across a number of different platforms. With responsive email, your newsletter will display flawlessly across the wide scope of various mobile devices, from iPhones to tablets. To ensure this happens, the coding used needs to be responsive and fluid. This is where responsive email tips come into play, with these helpful tips, you can ensure your newsletter is responsive across multiple platforms, ensuring your readers will never miss a thing.

The first responsive email tips pertains to your headline and call to action. Your headline needs to be attention-grabbing and concise, packing as much information in as possible without being too wordy or filled with action. Once you have an effective headline, you need to ensure you have a clear call to action, detailing what kind of mobile device you are providing your information on, for instance iPhone, iPad or Android. The best way to accomplish this is to list down the differences between each platform and share the benefits of using one over the other. You’ll never have a responsive email marketing campaign, which doesn’t benefit from this practice, with the only exception being if you are targeting mobile devices exclusively and have no preference when it comes to screen size – in which case you will have to accommodate for each device and create separate responsive email pages.

The next responsive email tips pertains to avoiding the dreaded JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most dreaded code within an email, with many experts claiming that there is no place for it in responsive email design. However, JavaScript does allow for some special effects that can greatly enhance the appearance of your email marketing campaign, so don’t write off this particular code altogether. For the best results, you should aim to use JavaScript sparingly only where it really enhances the content of your emails.

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