Online Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Online Marketing Tools For Small Businesses 1

As an online marketer, you already know that there are many online marketing tools to choose from. From email marketing to pay per click advertising, the number of tools is staggering. So how do you decide which tools are the easiest online marketing tools to use?

The first five on the list are all free to download and analyze. Free tools to analyze your web traffic and search engine rankings are free online marketing tools that small businesses should use. Google Analytics is widely considered the best free tool available. Google Analytics gives small businesses the ability to track and monitor the performance of their website and blog. By accessing Google Analytics through your website, you’ll gain valuable insight into where your traffic is coming from and how you can improve your conversion rates.

The next five free online marketing tools are paid for. These tools include SEO Elite, Market Samurai, SpyFu, and GetResponse. SEO Elite is considering one of the most comprehensive and powerful SEO softwares on the market today. SEO Elite will take the guesswork out of your online marketing strategy by evaluating and providing reports that tell you what keywords your competitors are using, how frequently they’re ranking for those keywords, and how competitive their websites appear to be in relation to yours.

Next on the list are content marketing tools. Content marketing tools allow you to effectively create, develop, and manage your online reputation by creating valuable content. Content marketing is similar to SEO in that it analyzes your website, blog, or press releases to determine what keywords are working for you and what keywords are not working. Once you have this information, you can implement an effective content marketing campaign that includes content creation, distribution, and syndication.

The last free online marketing tools we’re going to discuss is SEO Elite. This tool was designed by the company Overture, and it provides vital insight into how search engine algorithms function and how to manipulate them for maximum results. If you want to dominate the competition, this is the tool you have to have. Just like SEO Elite, this tool comes in two versions – the premium version which is a little bit more expensive than the free version. However, if you truly want to dominate search engines and become a player in your niche, it’s worth investing in.

The final four tools we’re going to discuss are free online marketing tools that any webmaster could use. These include a keyword research tool, a social media analytics tool, content marketing tools, and a backlink analyzer. A keyword research tool allows you to see which keywords your competitors are targeting and how often those keywords appear on the top ranking pages of the major search engines. A social media analytics tool lets you see which social networks your competitors are using and how prominently their posts and updates show up in search results. Finally, a content marketing tool gives you real-time reports on how many times your content has been shared and how much search traffic is being driven to your website from your content.

Now that you have this list of free online marketing tools available to you, it’s important that you understand that there are some tools that are useful but not essential for success on the Internet. For example, many people consider RSS feeds to be an important part of the online marketing tools available to small businesses, but in reality, you can get by with just about any RSS reader for the most part. Similarly, social media icons can seem like a good addition, but there are lots of different social media icons that are better suited for larger businesses that can take advantage of them.

These four online marketing tools are the core elements of a strong online marketing campaign. If you want to be successful, these four things should all be in place. If you have a business that doesn’t use these core elements, it’s time to put them into place so your communication campaigns start looking more like an online marketing campaign and less like spam. With the right set of online marketing tools available to you, this is easier than ever.

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