How to Advertise on YouTube

How to Advertise on YouTube 1

YouTube advertising is a Swiss Army knife of internet marketing, offering multiple effective solutions at every stage of the consumer internet life cycle; from initial acquisition and reach to retention and conversion. YouTube is currently the second most popular video sharing site on the internet, and the third most visited website behind Google and Yahoo. Consumers frequently visit YouTube to check out new or favorite videos, view in-process information, or follow celebrity videos and gossip columns. It is a great tool for generating free traffic to your website and has been used by some of the biggest online brands like Google, Amazon, Nike and CNN to name a few. Advertisers have successfully tapped into the power of YouTube as a marketing resource through creative use of video.

YouTube advertising provides an extremely flexible and customizable platform for launching a successful internet marketing campaign. You can set different types of ads according to your budget and target audience. YouTube generates relevant traffic to your website and you can measure statistics easily, such as number of views, the number of clicks, number of people who watched your video, average time on screen, and the total number of minutes viewed. You can also track performance across different ad groups including Cost Per Clicks, Cost Per Day, Cost Per Click, and Cost Per Day. There are also several ways of getting targeted traffic through YouTube’s search tools which includes finding particular keywords, performing a search on a particular city, country or all cities in a specific region, geographical target, and geographic area.

YouTube advertising provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the type of media to be used in your advertisement campaign. You can choose between various ad formats such as videos, flash videos, VGA/HD, and short movies. YouTube advertising offers several ad options to choose from such as Pay Per Click, Cost Per Impression and Cost Per Action. You can even test your campaign once you’ve created your campaign. There are lots of advantages of advertising on YouTube that you might not be aware of.

Advertisements are generally considered as one of the most effective and quickest ways to advertise on the web. The cost of running a short video clip is very low compared to other methods of advertising on the web. The results of a video ad are very fast since YouTube displays relevant data based on the duration, viewed times, and keywords used. YouTube ads can show up on the first second of appearance making them very visible to your target audience.

Another advantage is that advertising on YouTube can provide immediate results. YouTube has a “Advertising Marketplace” where you can place your advertisements. The only thing you need to do is choose a URL and a video that suit your product or service. Advertising on YouTube can generate sales leads, increase traffic to your website, improve visibility in search results and generate more leads and sales. You will be able to make use of different types of advertising formats such as, pay per click, cost per mile, cost per thousand impressions, cost per action, cost per thousand seconds, and cost per day.

With advertising on YouTube you can also target your audience. It is possible to determine the geographic location of your target audience through the usage of “geo-targeting” which is an advanced feature. With geo-targeting, you can decide where to show your video ads based on the activities of your target audience. For example, if you are selling products for children, then the content and platform of your ads should be geared towards children. It would not be good to advertise products and services for teens if most of their audience does not reside in the age group you are targeting.

You can also create your own campaign using YouTube’s advanced metrics system. YouTube Metrics provides you with information about the number of views, clicks, and direct traffic that your ads received. You can view the statistics from one particular day or from a certain month all throughout the year. In addition to that, YouTube allows you to run split tests and see how your ads performed when you made several variations of the same campaign. This is very important because you want to make sure that the campaign has a high conversion rate so that you will earn money even when not reaching your targeted audience.

Lastly, YouTube advertising provides different ad formats so that you can choose which ones will fit your business best. You can choose between animated video ads, static images, text links, video thumbnails, full screen ads, and mobile display ads. The advantage of having these different ad formats is that you can use all of them for different kinds of campaigns. And since YouTube has a huge audience, there is a great possibility for you to get your ads accepted and displayed in the sidebar of the user’s pages. It is also a good idea to have an account in YouTube Payments so that you can receive payments through credit cards whenever you make a purchase from your website or through your YouTube videos.

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