Free and Paid Website Analysis Tools

Free and Paid Website Analysis Tools 1

Competitor analysis tools are available for both paid and free competition analysis. Analysis is one of the key elements in the game of business. Without getting an accurate analysis of what is working and what is not working in a company can spend a lot of time and money and find themselves in a tailspin. As such, most companies look towards competition analysis tools to help them gather the information they need. Below are three of the best paid tools available.

The first tool that we’ll discuss here is called Market Trends Forecasting. This is a free tool that provides you with projections of where certain market trends will go next. You can see where certain competitors are positioned, where their markets are expanding, and where they are shrinking. You’ll find this tool extremely helpful when you’re trying to figure out where your competitive advantage lies.

Another popular free competitive analysis tool is Media Quotes. With this tool you can find out critical industry information such as media shares and ratings, earnings predictions, and analysis. This type of information allows you to get a better understanding of where a competitor’s current strategy is heading. This can prove useful if you want to see where a competitor’s marketing strategy is headed and if it could be a good strategy for your company.

Another popular analysis tool is from Market Samurai. This tool provides data on competitor website change. The data provided includes the number of unique visits, page rank, link shares, Alexa traffic rank, and the industry average. In addition to providing data on website change, you can also receive real-time updates on competitor website changes, competitor press releases, and analysis. If you are interested in seeing where competitors are going with their online strategies, this may be an excellent way to find out.

There are other free website change analysis tools available as well. The easiest tool to use would probably be Google Trends. By simply using this keyword search tool you can discover what words are being searched for related to your company. This can provide you with some very valuable information, but it is extremely easy to misuse this information. To avoid making common mistakes when utilizing this free tool, you should take time to carefully analyze the results provided. Make sure you understand what you are looking at and make sure the trends you find are relevant to your business.

A great analytical tool for businesses that are new or currently not involved in Internet marketing is Google Social Index. Social Index can provide you with information about your competitors and you can find out how they are positioning themselves in the social media landscape. If you find that competitors are posting content to their profile and other websites that they have control over, but your market position is nowhere near theirs, then it may be time for a change. Social Index is an extremely effective way to track your market position without having to invest in expensive analytics software. Google’s social index only requires a user account and a few minutes of your time to monitor and improve your position.

A final free website analysis tool that is useful for any level of business is YouTube Insights. YouTube Insights allows you to view and analyze the content that users of your website are viewing. This information can help you determine where people are coming from and what keywords they are searching for as well. Knowing what your audience wants, will allow you to advertise to them in the right way and reach your goals.

As mentioned previously, there are a variety of tools available for free and paid strategy analysis on the Internet. It can be difficult to determine which ones to use. Many free resources provide data that is simply not useful or accurate for your purposes. Paid tools tend to be more accurate because of their additional features and advanced search capabilities. The best strategy tools provide real-time data and analytics for a company’s entire audience. These highly-accurate free and paid resources can give you an edge over the competition.

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