Digital Marketing Strategy – The Core Components

Digital Marketing Strategy - The Core Components 1

Digital marketing is simple; it is just defined as the internet and online marketing with digital tools. However digital marketing encompasses more than just the means of marketing; it is also about the kind of methodology in which YOU use these tools inboundally. Inbound marketing concentrates on building a consumer experience based on loyalty, which is opposite to outbound, or disruption marketing (as above, spam, billboards, phone calls, etc.). The best digital marketing resources for you are those that will teach you how to build a relationship with your customers and then show you how to turn that into a relationship based on sales.

Social media is one of the keystones of today’s digital marketing strategies. It enables you to reach your business goals in two ways: one is directly through your site and your social media pages; and the second is by connecting with your consumers on other sites and through the many social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How you use these two resources to achieve your business goals should be determined by your business goals. If your company sells physical products, you probably want to connect with people in your community to promote your product.

If your company sells digital services, then you have many options available to you. You can use either email marketing or pay per click digital advertising. If your product is time sensitive, then digital marketing may not be your first choice, but it may very well be your last choice if your product is not easily targeted. If your digital marketing strategy is to increase sales, then you might want to consider pay per click digital advertising, social media advertising, and email marketing. These digital marketing resources will all help you achieve your business goals, but your specific goals will determine which digital marketing strategy is best for you.

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