Blog Content Strategies – How to Blog in Reverse Chronological Order

Blog Content Strategies - How to Blog in Reverse Chronological Order 1

A blog content strategy is a planned way of outlining the different kinds of blog themes you intend to cover regularly, over a period of time. Once you have an outlined blog content strategy you can just write down what you plan to blog about in exact detail. Writing without any plan just leads to chaos and a lot of mistakes. Once you have your blog content strategy in place, all you need to do is start writing and let the blog do the rest. Blogging becomes super simple once you have an outline or a written plan of what to blog about. For example, if you are going to blog about dog training, you just need to pick a blog theme based on that subject and start writing about it.

There are blog categories and subcategories based on hundreds of subjects, and there are hundreds of blog hosting sites as well. The biggest challenge that most blog authors face when blogging is picking a topic niche that has enough interest to blog about. Fortunately, blog hosts usually offer blog content resources such as blog templates, blog themes and plug-ins that help blog authors choose interesting topics based on keywords that are commonly searched. Many blog authors also use popular blog search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to drive traffic to their blogs. This SEO technique helps blog readers locate blog content by finding blog content keywords.

Another interesting blog content strategy that many bloggers use is to blog about the same things year after year. If you blog about Christmas last year, you probably won’t blog about Christmas this year either. A great way around this problem is to blog about one subject every year in reverse chronological order. That means starting from the first subject of the year, blog about it every year in reverse chronological order until it is time for another subject, at which point you blog about the next subject in reverse chronological order. The resulting blog posts may take some time to blog about chronologically, but if you blog frequently, and you keep your blog posts consistent year after year, this approach will eventually work for you.

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