Best WordPress Photography Templates

Best WordPress Photography Templates 1

Looking for the best free WordPress photography themes? You’re in the right spot! I’ve used several of the best paid WordPress themes for wedding photographers, fashion photographers, bloggers, and anybody else wishing to showcase their photos in a visually dynamic and visually attractive way. As of this writing, WordPress powers forty-seven percent of all sites worldwide. It is an easy program to learn, install, and utilize, and has many benefits that are not available with more traditional websites.

One of the best WordPress themes I’ve found is a Google Images slider theme. The Google Images sliders allow the photographer to upload their photos to Google, then choose to either have their photos displayed as thumbnails or for viewing in full screen mode. The option to have the fullscreen mode is password protected pages, so only those you create the password can view the photo gallery. This WordPress plugin not only displays the photos in full screen mode, but also provides several other useful features like an animated slideshow, automatic image rotation, and an ability to save the images to your own website, or copy them to another location.

Another best WordPress theme is the Wpflip theme, which is another Google Images slider theme. Google offers many different kinds of Google Images sliders, including a basic white page, a tabbed “Gallery” theme, and a premium gallery theme. I actually use Wpflip, along with two other Google Images sliders, on my blog. My blog uses a basic white page as cover art, and Wpflip allows me to rotate and flip different photos, add text, and pretty much do anything you’d expect from a WordPress theme.

Finally, a free WordPress theme that I love is the Photospace Responsive Theme. This theme provides a simple solution for photographers who don’t have a lot of space on their websites to display a large number of pictures. It provides a navigation panel that lists all of your images in a menu and includes a “Share it” button that enables you to post the pictures to your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There’s also a comment button, so you can leave comments on the pictures posted by other photographers. The Photospace responsive theme is also compatible with the Google+ image gallery.

One of the best WordPress photography themes I’ve used is the Layar Gallery WordPress Plugin. This theme is designed for photographers who are looking for a fluid interface that changes depending upon the lighting condition, or type of camera used. For example, the layout can be changed with an LED strip, or color changing background. In addition to being flexible in terms of appearance, the Layar Gallery WordPress Plugin also contains several different options for optimizing images for SEO purposes.

The WordPress default portfolio theme is okay, but many photographers want their profiles to look more unique and special. photographericsplitter is a WordPress plugin that will spice up your photographs so they will appeal to your audience. You can change the colors and theme of the slider and even add text to the images to customize them. This theme also comes with a portfolio section, which makes it easier for you to upload your best photos. You can create multiple profiles using the slider, and you can switch between them easily using the customize slider option. The only glitch is that the plugin takes quite some time to download and install – after installing it, you should notice a huge difference in speed!

There are several other free WordPress themes that are worth taking a look at. j circumstantial is a nice WordPress theme that has several different display options, such as a navigation bar, a photo slider, and a quick thumbnails preview. photoshop-light is another great WordPress theme that provides several free customization options, including colors and a built-in gallery. Another great example of a multi-purpose theme is Freshdesk. It’s clean and simple, and comes with a pre-installed WordPress plugin that helps you organize your blog pages.

The best WordPress photographers are those who choose to go with the most useful plugins for optimizing images for SEO. One such plugin is FullscreenPro, which allows you to show or hide your images entirely depending on whether they are desktop icons links, or Photoshop elements. You can also use the popular Customizable Shortcode Generator for creating your own individual codes and then utilize these to create your own graphic or JavaScript code that will optimize your images instantly for search engines. Check out the gallery for more free WordPress themes, demos, and tips for photographers!

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