Banner Design – Why Banner Advertising Has Some Advantages Over Print Advertising

Banner Design - Why Banner Advertising Has Some Advantages Over Print Advertising 1

Graphic banner design isn’t designed for the masses. A graphic design course focuses on teaching students about graphic design. These lessons are important because graphic design is used in virtually every aspect of advertising: magazine advertisements, radio and TV commercials, web pages, and brochures. When a marketer decides to design a promotional banner, he or she uses a graphic designer to create a custom banner that will bring the consumer’s attention. This type of design involves a lot of thinking and planning. Here are five examples of graphic design disadvantages.

o As stated by the American Advertising Association, banner ads can be visually appealing but there’s usually a negative stigma that comes along with it. Customers tend to view ads that are large in size and surrounded by text. This may be because customers feel they don’t have the space to read all the information that’s displayed on banners, or it may be because they’re not accustomed to reading ads in large print.

o When it comes to creating effective banner advertising, one must keep in mind that “clean” doesn’t always mean “clean”. Many companies use words like “free”, “discounts” and “buy now” on their banner ads. These words may entice the viewer to go beyond the fold, where the advertiser’s text is supposed to be. Instead of going directly to the advertiser’s website, viewers may click on the word “buy now” because they think the ad is still on the web page, and that the merchant still has time to reach potential buyers. A good strategy for banner advertising would be to run a split test campaign where you track how many visitors click on the buy now button, how many go directly to the merchant’s site, and how many stay on the website to view other products and services offered by the merchant.

o The color of your advertisement should be easy on the eye. Pay attention to the colors and patterns that you use, and make sure they will entice potential customers to click on your banner. A common mistake with traditional advertising is using bright, vivid colors with text that is too tiny or scrunched, which makes it difficult for the ad to stand out.

o Your display campaign banner ads need to be strategically placed for best results. For example, an ad that is placed near the top of a page will get more clicks than ads placed closer to the bottom of a page. Likewise, a banner that is displayed at the top of a video will be more attractive to potential customers than a banner that is displayed at the bottom of a video. Design your display ads so that they are in the best locations to draw customers in.

o Make use of proper brand identity design on your banner ads. If you want your branding efforts to really work, do not create dull, white text ads. Make sure that your ads have relevant texts that accurately describe the services or products that your business offers. This will help in drawing in customers who are looking for the services that you offer.

o Another way to effectively use banner ads is to drive traffic to them. One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to banner ads is to create an opt-in form on your website. Make sure that your opt-in form does not look like a regular opt-out form because that could easily cause users to pass on your page. Instead, place an “unsubscribe” link in the form. By driving traffic to your website, you can gain the trust and loyalty of your subscribers. It is also important to provide them with useful content on your website and make sure that you continuously provide them with updates and other resources on your business.

While there are certainly a number of advantages of opting for digital advertising over traditional forms, these two forms are not the only ones that you can take advantage of. There are a number of other advantages of opting for these types of ads. Remember that banners are not static entities. They need to be updated regularly and it would be unwise to think that you can just leave your banners and ads in the same condition they were left. You should update them regularly so that your audience will have a clear idea of what you are offering. Digital advertising does not end with these two forms, but you can ensure that your marketing campaign will be more successful by opting for more advertising options.

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