Best Practices for Display Advertising

Best Practices for Display Advertising 1

Just creating display ads on Google does not begin to give you as much as you want. To truly benefit from Google’s Display Ads, you have to implement Google Display Ads strategy into your overall campaign. And it really depends on your audience, kind of business and niche of product or service you are into. There are also display ads strategies that you can adopt based on your online presence.

To give you a clearer idea on how you can do these best practices, let us go through each of them. One is the display ads best practices for Facebook. You can create a Facebook page in order to promote your products or services. However, if you don’t have the budget to build one, then you can follow the Facebook desktop posting best practices for you to experience.

Another Google AdWords displays ads best practices is through Facebook desktop posting. Since this is more functional than the mobile apps, you can also create a desktop-based landing page in order to encourage visitors to your website. When they click the “Add” button, you can display relevant content on your desktop page such as the latest news, blog posts, videos and etc. You can also use videos, flash animations and still images depending on the kind of content that you are promoting.

Then, for Google AdWords best practices, you can use Facebook responsive display. This is a great feature that Facebook recently integrated to make viewers who regularly frequent your page able to see your ads even if they are not logged in your page or following any of the feeds. This will help increase the traffic on your page, especially when your current fans will be able to respond to your ads as soon as they see them. It is also a great way to let Facebook know that they can really drive some traffic to your site especially if they can also connect the content of your posts to your logo and keywords.

When it comes to Facebook display ads, you can still optimize them through the classic Facebook ad formats. These are the usual banner, vertical and horizontal advertisement formats that you can use. The main difference however is that you can now also include a video and a photo to your Facebook ads depending on your needs and requirements. As long as you can optimize your ads with these new features, you can get the most of your conversions from Facebook.

Other Google AdWords displays ad campaigns also offer some useful tips to follow. One of the most important ones is to use keywords that are most likely to be used by your potential customers. By simply conducting a keyword search, you will get plenty of ideas on the right keyword combinations that you can use. Some of the commonly used combinations include the word house, apartment and so forth. When doing searches using these terms, make sure that you come up with combinations that have at least fifty percent match rate against other sites. This is known as the content relevance ratio and it tells you how successful your search engine marketing campaign would be on its own.

Google’s paid media strategy also offers some good display ads tips for you to follow. Since you will only be using display ads on Google search result pages, you should always aim for the top position. Doing so will make sure that you are appearing on the first few results and this will definitely increase your chances of making conversions. You will also find it easier to generate lots of website traffic by targeting these top positions.

And finally, one of the most ignored yet very effective display ads strategies is dynamic marketing. Even though it is very time consuming and can bore some people, it is certainly worth the effort because it will save you a lot of money and time. The concept is quite simple and it involves creating a new ad with the target keyword in the title, body, and description and letting Google do the rest. So make sure you do your share in dynamic marketing and let Google know your results.

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