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Are you looking for Snapchat Ads examples? First, you are going to have to select your ad type and make your ad. With that said, Snap Ads are an excellent method to catch the interest of your perfect audience. 

There are a few different ad formats that you may pick from when you start building your ad campaign in Snapchat.

Select your format based on what your objective is, whom you’re attempting to reach and the way you want viewers to interact with and react to your ad.

These are currently the most common types of Snapchat Ads:

Snapchat Banner Ads (Snap Ads and Collection Ads)

Banner Ads on Snapchat play between the Snap Users stories. The goal is to drive Snap users to your website, app, video, AR Lens, or app store page with just a single swipe.

Check out this snapchat banner ad example:

snapchat ads examples banner ad

One variation of the banner ad is the Snapchat collection ad. Snapchat collection ads showcase a series of products and give Snap users a frictionless way to shop and buy.

Check out this Snapchat collection ad example:

snapchat collection ad

Snapchat Search Ads (Story Ads)

Story Ads, also know as Snapchat Search Ads, display your story on the snapchat search results page when a user searches for an entity or hashtag.

Check out this snapchat search ad example:

snapchat search ad

Snapchat Geofilter Ads

On Snapchat, think about a geofilter if you’d like customers to commemorate a specific location and association with your brand. Snapchat geofilters allow you to take part in snap user conversations with creative overlays they can add to photo and video messages.

You don’t require an ad account to prepare a Geofilter. After you’ve set up your digital advertising platform accounts for your company and mastered creating quality content for your customers, you can concentrate on growing your following and raising the variety of views your Stories see. As soon as your account is confirmed, you may set up your new profile. 

Check out this snapchat geofilter example:

snapchat geofilter ad

Snapchat Sponsored Lenses Ads Examples (AR Lenses)

Sponsored lenses don’t have traditional ad specifications. Snapchat AR Lenses allow you to make memorable, interactive experiences with augmented reality experiences Snap users can play with and send to their contacts

For instance, use a donut-themed Sponsored Lense (AR Lens) for a food audience. You may add an extra filter by holding your finger back on the very first filter and swiping right again.

Check out this Snapchat sponsored lens example:

snapchat sponsored lens example

Snapchat Commercial Ads

Snapchat commercials allow your business to drive awareness among snapchat users with a six-second video within high-quality premium content that is non-skippable.

Commercials utilize video, which can have higher engagement than other ad formats.

Check out this snapchat commercial ad example:

snapchat commercial ads

Snapchat Advertising Targeting Options

Expand your reach by finding Snapchat users similar to your existing customers. On Snap, you can reach customers based on the things they like and do, both on Snapchat and off. 

Additional targeting options include age, gender, categories like household income or parental status, and more. You can also target by country, location category (like “universities”), radiuses around a specific address, and more. 

Retarget Snapchatters who have already seen your ads or engaged with your business.

Snapchat Campaign Performance

Use the Snapchat Ads Manager’s real-time reporting to test, learn, and optimize your snapchat advertising campaigns. 

Understand your campaign with crucial delivery and engagement metrics like spend, impressions, swipes, and more.

Snapchat allows you to track conversions across devices, develop retargeting audiences, and optimize bids for conversions using the Snap Pixel.

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When to Choose Snapchat Ads for Your Next Campaign?

Snapchat is an enjoyable and young platform. Snapchat has a history of creativity. You wish to utilize Snapchat yourself, at least enough to find a great sense of the form of content created along with the trends. 

Additionally, Snapchat offers an assortment of pre-made stickers to pick from, including animals, food, and assorted phrases.

Snapchat Ads Cost

Snapchat Banner advertising is the single platform that provides a flat rate cost should you decide to go right to Snapchat for all your placements. 

If you’re attempting to choose if banner ads would be a feasible revenue or lead generation channel for your organization. The best way to discover is to begin experimenting. As with other social media platform ads, your ad cost will be different based on your targets.

With snapchat ads costs considered, this all indicates you have to think about the sort of content your audience wants carefully. Try interactive content and find out how folks respond.

Snapchat’s spend variation highlighted the challenges of its system but made it simpler to keep an eye on our revenue objectives and budget in the actual moment.

Starting a Snapchat Ad Campaign

When starting a pay per click campaign, we always recommend starting with examples. Each snapchat ad example provides you with a template with proven engagement. 

Using snapchat ads examples creates a significant improvement in the process of designing ads particular to snapchat. 

Remember, there are two fundamental approaches, pushing your snapchat banner ad to your target audience, and letting your target audience find you. Furthermore, the search function includes recognition features. Searching makes it possible to locate your previous Snaps that feature things like mountains, food, or dogs. 

Choosing You Snapchat Campaign Type

Snapchat Banner ads provide a great way to reach new customers while they view their friends snapchat stories.

Alternatively, Snapchat Geofilters provide a great way to connect by entertaining your target audience, all while communicating a relevant branding message.

There are many more snapchat ads options! Check the snapchat ads examples above for more inspiration.

Ultimately, it’s well worth exploring the options offered. Keep track of the way that Snapchat is altering the digital advertising game. 

Growing Your Audience with Snapchat Ads

To build your audience, you are going to want to use the ability of your other social networking networks and online marketing channels.  

When you’re able to hone in on the proper audience, you’re a whole lot more likely to hit your targets. This makes your campaigns ultimately perform much better. 

You can have some narrative obviously, but be sure viewers get to realize your app in action. You may also opt to autosave your Stories.

Optimizing Snapchat Ad Campaigns

All pay per click advertising campaigns need to be routinely optimized. The same optimization opportunity is currently on Snapchat. 

Make sure that your campaign success metrics align with campaign targets and draw out insights you may apply to future campaigns. 

If your target is impressions, you can further limit the frequency one user would realize your ad in a period of a definite number of days. 

Finally, when you understand what your social networking goals are, you can pick the appropriate campaign objective. Noteworthy, you can also select from the custom audiences option.

Getting Support for Your Snapchat Advertising Campaign

You can connect with Snapchat’s ad team on their site. 

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Snapchat Ads are great for businesses to connect with younger consumers. Diy digital marketing hopes these snapchat ads examples were useful in creating your next snapchat advertising campaign!

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