LinkedIn ads examples

linkedin ads examples

Looking for LinkedIn Ads Examples? Check out these examples of LinkedIn ads to find some inspiration for your next LinkedIn Ad campaign. 

Each kind of LinkedIn ad has its advantages and approaches. There are many LinkedIn advertising options!

LinkedIn Ads Examples

Currently, LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Text Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, LinkedIn Display Ads, LinkedIn Carousel Ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Posts, LinkedIn Inmail Ads, and LinkedIn Spotlight ads.

Regardless of which type of LinkedIn Ad Campaign you choose, it remains important to remember that LinkedIn is about building connections. This makes LinkedIn  an excellent place to test a multitude of advertising campaign approaches. 

LinkedIn has come to ways since its 2003 launch as a simple expert networking website. Now, LinkedIn ads provide a unique channel for brands to get in touch with business professionals. 

Just getting started with social media for your online business? Check out our Social Media 101 guide first.

LinkedIn Carousel Ad

LinkedIn Carousel ads provide marketers a tremendous quantity of flexibility concerning driving traffic and capturing leads.  

Check out this LinkedIn carousel ad example:

LinkedIn carousel ad

LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn Text Ads are a great addition to your LinkedIn advertising strategy. Your ads will appear in the sidebar as text advertisements. If you’re going to develop LinkedIn text ads, be ready to select the opportunity to refine, improve, and test to gain benefits.

Check out this LinkedIn text ad example:

LinkedIn Text Ads Example

LinkedIn Display Ads

LinkedIn Display ads (also referred to as banner ads) are a staple of internet advertising. LinkedIn ads are sometimes an excellent way to build your email list and sales. 

Check out this LinkedIn display ad example:

LinkedIn Display Ads example

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

Frequently used to promote discounts or unique bargains on products, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads offers the capacity to target specific industries. 

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads are sometimes called LinkedIn lead ads.

PPC ads on LinkedIn are perhaps the most straightforward pay per click advertisements. LinkedIn ads are an excellent method to improve visibility and generate leads. 

Check out this LinkedIn lead gen ad example:

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad

LinkedIn Sponsored Ads

Content promotion is one of the essential acquisition channels for any small business. Sometimes known as image ads, photo ads are a natural, effective means to construct brand awareness and engagement. 

As soon as it’s simple to write off online ads as irritating distractions, the fact is that a perfect ad can be unbelievably powerful. 

Check out this LinkedIn sponsored ad example:

LinkedIn Sponsored Ad

LinkedIn Sponsored Posts

You might utilize LinkedIn to share helpful content through your audience. This is the most common type of LinkedIn Ads Examples currently available. With a Linkedin Sponsored Post, you can increase the reach of your standard LinkedIn posts to reach new audiences that are not currently connected to your business.

Check out this LinkedIn sponsored post example:

LinkedIn Paid Ads

LinkedIn Inmail Ads

Ads boost your visibility, and for that reason, enhance the know, like, and trust aspect. LinkedIn Inmail Ads appear in the inbox of the target audience’s LinkedIn account.

Check out this LinkedIn sponsored post example:

LinkedIn Inmail Ads

LinkedIn Spotlight Ads

Ads boost your visibility, brand awareness, and engagement. 

Check out this LinkedIn sponsored post example:

LinkedIn Spotlight Ads

LinkedIn Job Ads

Listing job postings on social media can be an unbelievable asset to your professional and company development. 

LinkedIn has a broad reach, and its audience typically expects business-related content, which makes it a perfect website for posting company job openings.

Diy digital marketing recommends that you create three or more ads per campaign, but gives you the capacity to create as many as 15 unique variations. 

It’s about targeting the ideal demographic, and that’s where LinkedIn excels. Amazing job ads utilize real specifics about the job to receive candidates excited.

LinkedIn Job Ads

LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn retargeting is already one of the highest converting and most cost-effective marketing strategies in general.

Retargeting Ads on LinkedIn is a superb option for many businesses. It should be a vital part of your overall marketing strategy, simply because it’s the best way to target your campaigns to specific people interested in your business.

LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn Ad Targeting

After you’ve completed your ad, it’s time to concentrate on targeting. 

Along with targeting who sees your ad, you may also eliminate certain groups, businesses, skills, and fields of study.

Narrowing your intended audience so that your ad is more relevant (and there is not as much competition) could also be useful for driving a higher CTR. 

LinkedIn Ad Targeting

Keeping your LinkedIn Ads Fresh for User Experience

New ads receive a boost regarding impressions and have a prospect of scoring a higher CTR than your prior ads. Building a bank of LinkedIn Ad Examples can make the creative process for your next ad campaign much easier.

LinkedIn Advertising Costs

LinkedIn will keep showing your ad until they receive their money, which explains why micro-targeting is such an excellent idea. 

You can reduce advertising costs by choosing a suggested bid range. 

Also, LinkedIn provides advertisers an abundance of options to limit their target audience.

Is LinkedIn Advertising a Scam?

LinkedIn Phishing Attacks LinkedIn has become the focus of online scams and phishing attacks for a variety of years now, primarily on account of the abundance of data it gives on employees at corporations. 

Should I start a LinkedIn ad campaign?

For marketers seeking to take full benefit of what LinkedIn offers, they need to look at LinkedIn advertising, not as a matter of when or if, but instead know how to go about doing it.

Now that you know what you ought to consider LinkedIn for advertising, it’s time to determine if the platform would be a perfect fit for your requirements.

For more information, here’s a quick Youtube Primer on LinkedIn campaigns from B2Linked:

What Do You need to start a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

First, to use any ads on LinkedIn, you must have a company page, which is simple to prepare. If you manage pages for lots of companies, you will acquire several alternatives. 

Next, maximize the results of your LinkedIn Ad campaign by making the landing page for your ads optimized for conversions.

Finally, start off each campaign by looking for LinkedIn Ad Examples for creative inspiration. 

best LinkedIn ads examples


There are many options between LinkedIn Text Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, LinkedIn Display Ads, LinkedIn Carousel Ads, LinkedIn Sponsored Posts, LinkedIn Inmail Ads, and LinkedIn Spotlight ads. 

Your LinkedIn Ad Campaign will only be profitable with thorough upfront planning. Get started by heading over to the LinkedIn Advertising website.

So start your campaigns by looking for some LinkedIn Ad Examples! A collection of inspiration can make creating your next LinkedIn Advertising Campaign simple. Have a LinkedIn Ad Example to share with us? Send your LinkedIn Ads examples to 

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