Why Should You Compare Godaddy and GreenGeeks?

Why Should You Compare Godaddy and GreenGeeks? 1

A Quick Word on Comparison of Godaddy and GreenGeeks – I’ve been asked several times why I am only posting this article on Godaddy vs. GreenGeeks. The short answer is simply because GreenGeeks is the sponsor of this site.

That’s a very biased point of view to have, and as someone who got me involved in affiliate marketing, it isn’t at all the way that I wanted to look at things. GreenGeeks have offered a way for me to get into paid surveys. After going through the challenges of getting GreenGeeks to do the right thing, I was able to make extra money with my free product.

This has been the kind of new network marketing model that I’ve always looked for. As someone who went through GreenGeeks first, I was naturally interested in how it stacked up against others.

GreenGeeks claims that they are the only ones with the affiliates that they do. They even offer a free survey program to help people get started. That sounds good and easy, but some of the affiliates that I’ve talked to haven’t received any payments from GreenGeeks yet.

In fact, they’ve complained to me about how difficult it is to become an affiliate with other networks. Then there are those who have been using GreenGeeks and don’t like the way they do things.

Some of the affiliates who complain about the lack of income are also members of GreenGeeks. Why would they join if they were unhappy? They left their email address with GreenGeeks, and they could’ve had GreenGeeks return it if they wanted to, but they didn’t.

If the affiliates who complained were members of GreenGeeks, then one of the problems they had would be solved. And I can understand if they found a more attractive network to work with. But they are members of a network that is asking people to pay money to be affiliates.

It is my opinion that the people complaining about GreenGeeks are not actually dissatisfied with the way the network works. They’re just trying to get a refund. They will sign up again in the future, and they’ll gladly pay the money, if they get what they want.

That’s where I feel like GreenGeeks has made the mistake. I don’t feel that they actually want the affiliate to succeed. They are being greedy, and that makes it harder for people to earn an income.

That’s exactly what you don’t want to do when promoting a network like this. Even if you promote them properly, if you are greedy and not delivering results, then they won’t sign up for you.

Even though they promise the best and most popular affiliate programs, I’ve yet to see any of those things. And if you’re talking about working with some of the most popular systems and making a lot of money, I haven’t seen anything like that with GreenGeeks.

Now there are ways that I feel that I have been successful with GreenGeeks. I feel that I’ve had a lot of success through them.

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