Who Has the Best Super Bowl Ads For Children?

Who Has the Best Super Bowl Ads For Children? 1

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Who Has the Best Super Bowl Ads For Children?

For Super Bowl commercials the most relevant question is not “What are the best Super Bowl ads?” but “Who has the best Super Bowl ads?”

The question of who the best ads are making much more sense when you examine what the advertising business is all about. The ads that are made for Super Bowl commercials, as opposed to any other special occasion, are not for the advertising company. They are made for the person or company doing the advertising.

If you were to take a look at some of the best Super Bowl commercials from years past, you’ll see that they aren’t the ones that look the best on television, they aren’t the ones that sell the best products or services. The best ads have to do with story telling, with humor, with just about anything that appeals to the mind and heart.

Since consumers make their decisions about which ultimate consumer products and services to buy based on emotions, commercials which allow their characters to tap into their innate human qualities will always be at the top of the list. It’s the best way to appeal to someone’s heart.

For the best Super Bowl commercials to be told effectively, it’s necessary to understand what makes these greatest stories so appealing. People want to believe in fairies, magic and all sorts of fairy tales.

If you asked someone in the 1930s if they believed in fairies, you’d probably get a blank stare and some obvious ones that would surely put your mind at ease. But now we can sit back and relax, because millions of people do. They love the simplicity of the fairy tale and the romance of the princess or prince saving the day.

The reason that so many people continue to buy the toys and games for the little girls in their lives is that they able to relate to the princess stories much better than the more outlandish ones which were once in vogue. It’s the same with the red-headed, blue-eyed or disabled guy who can tell you that he wants to be just like you.

Certain people have been conditioned by the media to respond in certain ways. People with a genuine interest in fairies, magic and the supernatural often enjoy the best Super Bowl commercials.

Of course the marketing companies don’t spend their time trying to understand why people enjoy these types of stories. Instead they use marketing techniques and such great storytelling ability to get people interested in the products they’re selling.

It’s a wonderful thing to see a few talented people come together and create something so full of real human emotion. By making the products sound more magical, more magical and more mysterious, the advertisers to ensure that the human element comes out.

In order to find the best Super Bowl ads, we need to really think about the most relevant questions. Who has the best Super Bowl ads? Who has the best Super Bowl ads, and who has the best Super Bowl ads for children?

It turns out that the question we should really be asking is: Who has the best Super Bowl ads for children. We need to spend our limited energy trying to understand the question and leave it at that.

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