What You Can Learn From GameFly Affiliates

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GameFly affiliates are pioneers in the business world. They are also one of the most successful affiliate marketers, with more than two million unique visitors and over a half billion pounds earned from webmasters and advertisers. Many have gone on to become successful online entrepreneurs, and others continue to make money for other people today.

These are some of the best tips they offer that you can follow to ensure success. Most businesses follow best practices when trying to make money, but these provide an alternative to the common approach of only applying proven techniques. Here is what you can learn from them.

Before becoming an affiliate for GameFly, Ryan Chittum was selling gasoline at gas stations around his hometown. Although he has been an affiliate for other companies, his first stint as an affiliate for the company was much different.

“I did not have any idea how much I would make through this affiliate program,” he said. “My brother worked with me and helped me out with the website. It was much less than I was making at my job.”

At first, he did not know what to expect. He looked up information online about using the best practices in affiliate marketing, and he found some that might work for him.

“After talking to the consultants who were going to be handling my business, we came up with a plan,” he said. “We agreed that we would do all the research, the study, and talk to our own employees. We would then go out and market the product and generate traffic for the site.”

One key area was setting up an effective website. “We made sure we didn’t have any old sites to bury in the dust,” he said. His search engine optimization (SEO) was excellent. He knew it would take some time before he could get the traffic, but he had faith that with the right marketing, he would eventually achieve success.

In order to optimize the website, the research into SEO was necessary. Ryan’s objective was to make sure the website was as informative as possible. The articles he wrote should give useful information, and they should include search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Ryan learned about specific marketing strategies from his experience working with the GameFly affiliate program. He also considered the information he learned to be the best practices for making money online.

He learned that the most successful affiliates have a blog or a sales page. His advice is to use these as the main areas to promote the products.

Blogs offer information that will interest users, while affiliate sites bring visitors to your site. If they find the products interesting enough, they will eventually join your site, and you will see money coming in.

The bottom line is that no matter what type of business you are in, or how big it is, the right marketing strategies can lead to success. The best practices provided by GameFly affiliates are very simple and effective. You need to implement them, and you need to do them consistently.

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