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Webflow How To is a webinar series by Microsoft that combines product and service development and marketing with support for WebEx and the Cloud. The series covers topics including webinars, WebEx events, virtual showrooms, conversion tracking, landing pages, and advanced e-commerce.

In webinar format, each segment has a pre-recorded WebEx show that walks through various webinar components. Webex is a video, audio, and text service delivered over the Internet that allows users to see, hear, and read webcasts, all without installing any software on their computers. Webex features no special software requirements or setup, allowing any PC to join the webcast.

In addition to the live WebEx show, each Webflow product is accompanied by a number of demos, the majority of which can be played online for free. Some Webex products offer exclusive web codes to enable access to demos and to download products for testing. You can also buy and download some demos. Many Webflow product demos are available for free with registration to the series.

The support staff at Microsoft’s professional development center and the support department for Webflow hosts Webex events in many locations around the world. A great place to find Webflow How To videos is the Webex show page. The event series is hosted at the Microsoft New York office and from time to time on campuses.

Webex events are live webcasts. To get started with these events, you must register. Registration is free. Registration begins one hour before the start of the event.

Registration will also entitle you to buy additional Webex events at a later date. For instance, the “7 Day Intense Conversion Bootcamp” costs $500 and will last for seven days. For that amount, you can attend the event seven times and get your hands on all the goodies included in the bootcamp.

Webflow How To is a three day intensive Bootcamp series that offers instruction on conversion and analytics. Instruction is presented in a step-by-step manner in a seminar style format that keeps you abreast of what is being taught. At the end of the three day course, you will have completed most of the work required to convert your website for the purpose of landing pages and other WebEx presentations.

Bootcamp packages include practice conversion resources. The class will show you how to set up your conversion tools, examples of conversion patterns, and explain what you need to know about sales and conversion on a practical level. There will also be site audits with technical, strategic, and legal advice included. There will be assignments, project worksheets, and learning progress reports.

As part of the Bootcamp series, “How To Convert a Website With SEO Strategies” will also be offered. This six-day series will teach you how to set up your conversion process, how to optimize your conversion process, and about article marketing strategies. Attendees will learn how to build websites from scratch, how to add keywords, and about the development of a conversion process.

Webflow How To Series includes three webinars that have different topics for each Webex event. These include an e-commerce class that will teach webmasters how to successfully sell online. The event will also introduce online communities, conversion systems, e-commerce training, and how to properly use business intelligence.

Attendees will also learn about some of the things that you need to do to run a successful online store. They will learn about custom domains, how to set up a merchant account, the ways to maximize profits, and basic lead generation techniques. When registering for a session, the visitor will receive complete instructions on how to sign up for the Webex live chat and to request demos. When registering for a session, they will also receive detailed instructions on where to send demo requests to the instructor.

The other two Webflow How To sessions will help webmasters learn about converting a website to static HTML content and how to create a web-based portal to showcase your product or service. They will also learn about setting up conversion tracking and e-commerce integration and how to correctly support your customer’s needs.

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