Twitter Audit: Is it Worth It?

Twitter Audit: Is it Worth It? 1

When you do an online audit of Twitter’s performance and look at what you find there, it might be worth it to consider whether or not the tweets are even that interesting. This is particularly true if there have been any recent updates on the business that are not directly related to what you were trying to find out.

As with all things on the Internet, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If it looks like the tweets were written by someone who is clearly not particularly interested in what you want to know, then they may not be worth it. There are some things you can do when doing a Twitter audit to make sure you get a better understanding of what you are looking at.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you are actually looking at the tweets that people have sent on Twitter. These are usually very short, often just a few words. When doing an audit, you want to make sure you see the tweets that they are referring to. If the tweet mentions a product name, the company or individual is more likely to be mentioned in it, but if you don’t have anything to do with that product, then this will be ignored.

You should also think about how many people are following the tweet. The more people that follow it, the more interest they are generating in what they are saying. People will often use the same keywords to search for certain items and these will increase when more people are aware of them. For example, if there was an audit, it could be important for people to know whether or not the company had been mentioned or if it was a big deal in its own right.

The same goes for potential business partners. If people know that you are doing an audit, it will give them a sense that they are important. There is also likely to be a difference between how much traffic is coming from these different networks. If you are not involved in business relationships, it might be important for you to make sure that you only look at Twitter since you are a company.

When you have completed the audit and made your observations, you should always look at the results and ask yourself if the tweets were worth it. Twitter itself has rules that allow you to block certain individuals and groups. By blocking them, you can prevent them from seeing your tweets. They are not allowed to do anything else other than reading your tweets.

You should also be careful with any new links that you come across in your Twitter audit. If you find that you don’t understand what you are reading, you should take a closer look at the link to see whether or not it really is the link that you were looking for or whether the page you should be suspicious. If it looks like something to be concerned about, then you might want to ask the person to explain what they are linking to.

It will not hurt to ask people who are not connected to the company to look at the tweets to see if they are worthwhile. It might be in your best interest to ask them to follow the company, especially if they are not related to it in any way. If you are able to get a look at what other people are talking about, this could give you a better idea of what is going on.

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