The Value of Direct Marketing

The Value of Direct Marketing 1

business to business marketing

The Value of Direct Marketing

Business to business marketing is a new way to get business started in a competitive market. The money that can be made is real, but the risk involved may cause most businesses to shy away from this field. There are two main types of business to business marketing: direct marketing and indirect marketing. A direct marketing method, such as marketing directly to customers, is less risky but still presents its own set of problems.

Direct marketing is the very first contact you make with your customer. This usually means calling them but can also mean mailing a flyer or leaflet or placing an ad in the newspaper or on the internet. It’s the oldest form of marketing, and it works because of the customer-relationship.

If you work for a business, the sales staff will try to make the most customers possible. So you have to be sure they know what their customers want to buy. But if you’re selling products or services directly to customers, you will have less flexibility.

First of all, you have to decide how many customers you can get out of each sale. So, if you’re selling to hundreds of customers, then you’re dealing with a more difficult sales situation than if you were selling to one or two.

Customer-relationship problems also enter into the picture. If your business to business marketing efforts depend on face-to-face sales calls, you can’t just leave it up to the sales people. That’s a direct contact situation, and only sales people can do that.

There are also problems with the business itself, because many companies’ physical locations are just outside of customer service areas. When you have direct marketing efforts like this, you’ve got to ensure the other side of the business is accessible to your customers.

Indirect marketing methods include mail-order, telephone, internet, and television advertising. These are the most common, but there are new ways to market today. New technologies are being created for Internet marketing, and you should consider this if you need to reach a large number of potential customers.

Using the Internet as your business to business marketing tool is a very important one. When you’re dealing with customers who might not even be close to where you are, the Internet provides a way to reach them anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are, you can reach them over the Internet, and as long as they have a computer and the Internet, they can access quality online media. In fact, it’s more cost-effective to use your Internet marketing tools for direct marketing, because of the lowered costs of mail-order, phone, and internet marketing.

However, there is a downside to marketing in this way, which is that it’s a lot slower. It will take longer to make the contact with potential customers, but you can keep them coming back to your website, and the advantages of marketing indirectly are probably greater.

Having the ability to provide quality communication channel, like the Internet, has its own problems. Sometimes, that’s because of the Internet itself, and sometimes because of the people who use it.

When you are planning to make your business to business marketing efforts to go where they need to go, it would be best to use a low-cost direct marketing method, like email marketing. It’s cheap, and it doesn’t require the same personal effort as the traditional forms of marketing. But, the end result is still getting your product or service out there, and that’s the bottom line.

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