The Importance of Using the Schema Plugin WordPress

The Importance of Using the Schema Plugin WordPress 1

It’s been awhile since I wrote about my experience with the schema plugin WordPress. A few months ago I decided to get a new blog but didn’t have a clue on how to get one going. At the time I was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there about what I needed to do and I wasn’t sure where to start.

In order to get my knowledge straight, I was searching for a tutorial on creating a blog. I stumbled upon a blog by WordPress user Anatomy of a Blog, which taught me everything I needed to know about this product. The blog is interesting but for me it was not enough.

The WordPress user is good, so I asked him for his advice. After a couple of e-mails he finally answered my question. He told me that I had to install the schema plugin into my WordPress dashboard. My next step was to download the schema language.

Once I had downloaded the schema, I had to install it by using the WordPress dashboard. Before I can do that, I had to select my installation path, activate the plugin and then check the ‘Continue’ button. The schema plugin is a breeze to install and I don’t think I will ever use any other plugin to install content management in WordPress.

I started building my website and I got so hooked on blogging. It was then that I realized that there are actually a lot of other things I need to get accomplished to build my own site. As my knowledge grew, I began to see the scope of what I had to do to set up my website.

Now that I have a website and have already learned how to install the schema plugin, I now focus on the WordPress itself. I also work on enhancing my content management system. One of the tasks I look forward to most is adding an RSS feed to my site.

You might be wondering how I can improve my SEO. Well, I’m not really a newbie in SEO. What I am good at is writing and having good content on my site. With good content I can get more traffic to my site and also make my own backlinks from other sites.

I get good results in my search engine optimization. My ranking in Google is still not that high but I’m getting better. I would love to have my own website rank higher than my current rank.

I would rather have people read my articles first before recommending me the best product. The schema plugin WordPress has done for me so far. The benefits of the plugin are endless.

It will enable me to write short articles that will generate traffic. In this way I can encourage my readers to buy my products and join my mailing list. Then they can be in touch whenever I have a new post.

Once they become a member of my mailing list, I will be able to sell to them. So I will not have to spend money just to keep up to date with my articles. The plugin helps me generate a little income every month, which I am currently spending to help my readers.

With this kind of sales and marketing strategy, I think I have established a business relationship with my readers. When they become a subscriber to my mailing list, I will be able to sell to them more. When my subscribers also become regular buyers of my products, I can start advertising my products.

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