The Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials

The Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials 1

In a world where no sport can escape, Super Bowl ads are as prominent as the championship games themselves. No matter if you’re a Super Bowl fan or a football hater, there is no escaping these marketing efforts.

best and worst super bowl commercials

For years, the Super Bowl was still a relatively new concept. In fact, Super Bowl commercials were only just beginning to be broadcast on television when people were scared of nuclear war, World War II was still going on, and television was still considered an expensive luxury. Nevertheless, the Super Bowl commercials for the first Super Bowl have made millions and continue to do so today.

Many of the best Super Bowl commercials were created by famous actors. They brought an air of humor to a sports event that would otherwise be dull. The end result of the impact of these types of commercials has been successful and has shown that humor is still a valuable commodity in advertising.

Unfortunately, some of the great ones aren’t as memorable. Some of the worst Super Bowl commercials are so awful that no one remembers them today.

In 1975, a television show with the title “The Football Movie” aired. The movie was so awful that many people thought it was a parody of how football is actually played.

Other commercials that are at the bottom of the list are commercials that were awful even without a very bad director. “The Last American Hero” by Paul Newman was an atrociously bad commercial that sent up both the military and soldiers while ignoring the reality of war.

A few years later, Don Johnson’s commercials were released and were terrible as well. In one commercial, Don Johnson sneaks a quick kiss while wearing his army fatigues.

It was a silly sight, but after it was released, it seemed to get worse. To this day, many people still find the ad funny to this day.

Some of the worst commercials are also from movie trailers. These trailers are obviously terrible because they show scenes from movies that have already been released.

There are some commercials that target a specific niche. For example, there are a few Super Bowl commercials that are popular with teenage girls.

It is interesting to note that women are more attracted to bad looking men than attractive men. You’d think that the same could be said about women, but in this case, it’s the opposite.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief glimpse into the world of commercial spots. Without these commercials, life would be so much duller.

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