The Best AdWords Campaigns of All Time

The Best AdWords Campaigns of All Time 1

The best AdWords campaigns of all time have a few key characteristics. These will help you make more money with AdWords, but you’ll also need to use some key techniques to boost your conversion rates as well.

As I wrote about earlier, you should always make your ads different. For example, if you have a video on your site, you might consider placing it on YouTube or some other video site. By doing this, you’ll get potential customers who haven’t heard of your product yet and who might want to watch your product in action.

Another tactic is to describe your product in a very interesting product description. While your consumers may not know that much about your product, they will most likely recognize it if they see it first in a very creative description.

The third thing to do is to offer some incentive for people to try your product. Sometimes this will be a free gift like a gift certificate, or some other incentive, but often times they’ll be a discount or a bonus for signing up.

Lastly, you should consider testing your ads with some rather unique and different variations of your ads. This is the best way to improve your traffic and to get better at generating sales.

When using these methods, make sure that you only do the experimentation with your keywords that you feel comfortable with. For example, if you make a major change like changing a word in the title, make sure that you understand that the change isn’t going to be well received by your current keywords.

Another tip is to focus on less effective words in your titles and descriptions. These will cost you money but will really increase your click through rates and conversions.

Also, keep in mind that the number of ad impressions are very important. You don’t want to send out hundreds of ads, because this will negatively impact your conversion rates.

It’s also important to use targeted keywords in your AdWords campaigns. When your ads are geared towards a specific group of buyers, they’re going to have higher click through rates and conversions.

So in order to get the click through rate you want, you need to test to see what keywords convert well. And the best place to do this is to write some copy for your market and see how it does.

A final tip that you should follow is to always make sure that you use meta tags. This is also another key component of your Google AdWords campaign.

To get the best AdWords campaigns of all time, don’t ever forget the three tips above. Use these strategies and you’ll do very well with your AdWords campaigns.

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