Thank You Emails After Sales Meetings – Why the Reverse Does Not Work

Thank You Emails After Sales Meetings - Why the Reverse Does Not Work 1

Thank you emails after sales meetings are very important. Sending a generic thank you email after every meeting might give the impression that you do not value the relationship and are not interested in making a connection with your prospects. On the other hand, doing so can put off the salespeople and may even discourage them from following up with a follow up call.

thank you email after sales meeting

You should know your prospect well enough to realize that he or she doesn’t need anything specific in a thank you message. They may have already expressed their gratitude for working with you by offering any number of reasons. That said, there are times when a prospect may be asking for your help on an issue they have. If you see that they are willing to work with you on their problem, send them a message of gratitude.

In fact, if you can manage to do this, don’t send them a thank you email, instead simply send them a small reminder that you are available for further discussion about the matter. It doesn’t need to be anything too lengthy. Just mention the fact that you are available for further interaction at some point and ask them if they have a minute.

For example, you could say something like, “I was glad to hear from you about your product announcement. We will definitely keep you in mind for future products.” You should never send them a thank you email after sales meeting if you can’t provide a follow up in that time frame.

If you make it clear to your prospects that you really mean business and that they should expect a follow up soon after their sales meeting, chances are, they will be much more likely to put off their follow up calls. When they do receive a follow up call, they will be far more likely to take you seriously.

The end result is that you will have several people contacting you about your products and services and all of them will be getting in touch for their follow up contact with you. This will undoubtedly lead to increased business and more leads being generated as well.

If you find that after your sales meeting that your prospects continue to express their appreciation for your efforts, take the opportunity to do something different next time. Send them another thank you email after sales meeting.

As before, just mention that you are available for follow up contact and ask them if they have a minute. Remember that the reason you asked them to come to the sales meeting was to get them to trust you and their chances of buying your products or services were far higher if they felt good about the way they were treated.

This is only the beginning of the business side of things. There is a lot more that you can do to make the business side of things work well and help you generate more leads.

Once again, try to be conscious of what you say to your prospects. No matter how qualified they might be to you, do not leave them in the dark regarding the reasons you want to get in touch with them.

This is exactly the kind of thing that your prospects will appreciate the most. While they are receptive to your pitch, they will be happy to know that you did not forget about them.

This is what keeps the relationship alive and growing. With this reminder, your follow up calls will be successful in generating leads.

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