SquareSpace Tips For Your Blogs

SquareSpace Tips For Your Blogs 1

This article contains SquareSpace tips for your blogs. They help you make the most of your blogging platform.

Although SquareSpace is a completely free website hosting solution, many bloggers choose to “make it work” using these tips. They use it because they feel it helps them “make money”. If you are in that position, read on.

SquareSpace Tips for Your Blogs: Your blog layout and design are the first things people notice about your blog. Therefore, be sure your text and graphics are legible. You can do this by using a separate font for all the text, but keep the background colour the same (especially if your blog is dark). You should also use a bold font for all your images and bulleted lists, but keep your paragraphs and lists small and read more like a memo than a daily newspaper.

Make Use of Back Links: People will click on your links in your blog posts to see where you are coming from. Many bloggers don’t bother to do this, and their readers don’t go to their blogs. You should also consider adding back links to your Twitter and Facebook profile. Twitter allows you to embed a little “back arrow” at the end of your URL, which will bring visitors back to your blog instead of to your competitors’.

In addition, you should make sure that any pictures you use are related to your content, whether they are your pictures or other blogs or pages you are linking to. Also, you should be sure that you never use an “all caps” typeface when writing a post; your readers will be confused and may click away from your page. If you do have all caps in your blog posts, use a different font that is easier on the eyes, such as Arial.

Use ‘Lists’ for Your Post’s: A good blog post hasa sequence of bullet points. For example, you might write “Starting a Blog”. With SquareSpace, you can place an outline, called “boxes”, around your bullets. Themes can also be added using a program called “Stylus”. However, if you do not want to use this, you can use “lines” (which are just lists), so that the bullet points and the links in the boxes are visually appealing.

When people see bullet points and “lines” together, they will associate the bullet points with the links in the posts. This will encourage them to continue reading your blog. And, since the links to other websites will be “re-sized” according to their relevance to your blog post, it will make it more readable for your readers.

Giving them another option (like “lines”) is a good option. Some people will not read through the entire post without clicking the links in the boxes, and it makes it harder for them to do so.

Remember to Check the Size of Your Blog After Creating it: You can easily create the “square” blog layout by clicking “Edit Layout” in SquareSpace. Then, you can choose “Visible HTML” under the “Style” tab. You can go back and change the default (non-visible) size at any time by clicking “Settings” in the toolbar.

SquareSpace is very popular because it has a user-friendly interface. You should consider how people use it and what they expect and modify your layout accordingly.

That being said, SquareSpace Tips for Your Blogs is simple. Don’t feel like you have to change things that users are already used to.

Blogging takes time and practice. You should be able to build a new blog successfully, but if you don’t know how to get traffic to your blog, you will be frustrated.

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