Siteground VsCloudways – Which Is the Best?

Siteground VsCloudways - Which Is the Best? 1

Siteground and Cloudways are two very good web-hosting providers. Both have good reputations for reliability, quality service and affordable prices. But is it a good idea to choose Siteground or Cloudways?

Siteground offers more than just its website hosting service. The company has a range of other services including email accounts, accounting and various technical support. So, for any information regarding any of these services you can usually contact the company directly or use their Web-based help and support services.

Siteground also boasts a variety of plugins that make it easy for customers to use and customize their websites. These plugins include social networking widgets, shopping carts, calendars and blogrolls among others. This means that customers can customize their sites with ease and this can be very beneficial for them.

To find out whether Siteground is the right host for your website, there are a few things that you need to look at. You will first need to see if the company you are looking at offers what you need and more. For example, will the company offer security and privacy? If so, can they offer it on an unlimited basis?

How do you intend to use your website? If you are not going to be hosting any professional, large-scale business then you probably don’t need the extra features that Siteground and Cloudways have. However, if you are a small amateur site builder then Siteground and Cloudways are the ones to go for. They have a wider range of features which are more useful to a wide range of customers.

Siteground also has the ability to offer managed hosting and managed services. With managed hosting you get a more attractive hosting plan, which is tailored to your needs and the way you want to run your site. With managed services, you can have your own server management team looking after your site. They will take care of maintenance, hosting, security and everything else related to your website.

You can also opt for VPS hosting which is a kind of managed hosting where you get a dedicated server. With a VPS server you can have your own server management team to look after your website.

The main difference between Siteground and Cloudways is that Cloudways has features such as CloudFront, which is one of the most popular image formats for websites. This means that you can have the best possible images for your website for an affordable price.

Siteground however does not offer this feature. It doesn’t offer this kind of specialized hosting unless you purchase a VPS.

The other major difference between Siteground and Cloudways is the customer support. Cloudways is great for basic support but for complex problems with the website management system it is best to call in the company in person. Siteground however is more lenient in terms of support and often offers support via phone when the need arises.

Of course, there are many other differences between Siteground and Cloudways but these are the major differences and you need to consider whether they are really the right ones for you. Although these are two very good companies there are so many others out there that are just as good or better so you really need to check out the competition.

So, you now know what to look for when you compare Siteground and Cloudways. So next time you are looking to buy a website hosting service then you might want to give one of the above companies a call first.

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