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What I like about Sam Ash Affiliates is the simplicity of its concept. You could see yourself as a member, and you could imagine yourself being a member, but you’d never really need to think about it. You could feel that this was a great thing, and that is the key thing to keep in mind with Affiliate Marketing. It’s not about how long you’ve been a member of this association or whether you are a member, it’s about what is important for you.

Examples of The Association of Affiliate Professionals are not just about the good of a particular person, they are about the good of everyone. Sam Ash has contributed with something of which I can say that I know absolutely nothing. What he has done is brought this to the surface, and now you know that you can contribute to the good of others.

Example is so much more than a definition. A definition isn’t the same as an example because examples do not hold a candle to definitions in terms of clarity and power. In my own writing, I’ve had authors say I’m one of those “definition writers”, and yet I have no idea who they are talking about, or what they are talking about.

With Sam Ash Affiliations, you are given examples of actionable items that are simple, practical, and if you apply them, that’s the most you can hope for in a definition. It might not be very inspiring. But when you see the kind of examples that are out there, it could be the greatest inspiration you ever had.

Example is not a problem. For example, consider, it’s such a simple example, yet it is so powerful. It’s so simple that you could draw a small picture of it, and you know it’s there. An example would be of the example that I have given you.

With Sam Ash Affiliations, the principles are so simple, that you might never be able to apply them to a circumstance. Yet they have been proven to work, and no matter what situation you find yourself in, the examples of success are still there, and you will only be able to apply the principles as long as you keep working at it.

The simplest thing about Sam Ash Affiliations is that you can’t see it on the outside, or from the outside looking in. You can’t compare it to something you see and instantly agree with it.

Examples are like things that exist, but they are not a fact. They are examples of actions, a description of situations, and that’s the way they are with Sam Ash Affiliations. Example is a fact that you can see, but you can’t immediately visualize it in your mind’s eye.

That’s the most important thing about Sam Ash Affiliations, and you have to realize that with every action you take in life, you are taking part in Sam Ash Affiliations. There is nothing you can do or achieve that isn’t going to be a form of an Affiliate Marketing concept. It is what you do that matters.

An example of Sam Ash Affiliations is a website you visit on a regular basis. Maybe the reason you visit it is because of an article on the subject, or maybe you have some experience with a particular product or service, and so on.

A simple example is something you already know, or a product or service you have seen a number of times, and so it is something you could probably benefit from. That’s the definition of Sam Ash Affiliations, and the definition is complete and simple, and so simple that anyone could identify it. These are all examples of Sam Ash Affiliations, examples that are for examples only. They are examples of Affiliate Marketing concepts, and not examples of anything else. One cannot do an Affiliate Marketing if he or she doesn’t understand that.

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