Questions to Ask a Marketing Manager

questions to ask a marketing manager

So many people ask questions to a marketing manager, it seems like just yesterday that they started. I remember reading somewhere that the more questions a manager gets the better, and my personal opinion is that the more questions you ask the more answers you get. Today we will examine some questions to ask a marketing manager.

questions to ask a marketing manager

First, what is your retail chain’s corporate mission? Do you have an internal or external mission statement? What does it include? Does it include going beyond consumer needs to address the company’s strategic vision? If not, ask about this on your next visit.

Second, what are the overall goals of the retail chain? What do they entail for the future? If they are too broad to answer the first time around, perhaps you should give them another try?

Third, what are the sales goals? Do you have measurable metrics for these, or are they just general projections? How do you reach these goals?

Fourth, how many people have actually reached the sales goal that you discussed with me? Are there a large number of sales that are still pending? This is a real concern to many retail companies. In fact, it has been called “sales blocking,” where they have no idea when they can get to the number of sales needed to close the sale.

Fifth, how many retail stores do you operate? Can you provide a set of figures for each store? If not, why not?

Last, now that you have established some basic information about the business, ask the following: Do you have an internal culture that isnot conducive to sales? Is the sales team trained or instructed properly to successfully close the sale? Is there a culture of sales blocking?

I hope this article has given you a good question to ask a marketing manager. Remember that the answers to all of your questions can be found in the marketing strategy you have developed. You might want to consider developing a complete strategy that takes into account each of your retail business’ assets, employees, customers, competition, and more. Please consider all this and think on it.

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