Is Vue.js Worth It? – These Are The Benefits

Is Vue.js Worth It? - These Are The Benefits 1

There are many developers who have a negative view of Vue.js and it’s ever growing popularity. The question that you are likely asking yourself is, “Is Vue.js worth it?”

There is a lot of hype surrounding JavaScript frameworks. People are constantly trying to sell us the latest and greatest development platform. JavaScript itself is getting more complex every day and the reason for this is because of all the new tools that developers are able to write in it.

The biggest problem with using frameworks is that they take over a lot of the responsibility away from you. In most cases the framework will tie you in to a code base that is very particular about using certain browsers. When developing for one browser, you get to enjoy the benefits of another. This is what many people are beginning to realise and it makes many web developers feel a little more lost.

If you can understand the framework a little better, you will see that it does a lot more than just binding your code together. It provides tools and systems that allow you to develop with the knowledge that you already have rather than needing to learn all the extra components.

There are some major benefits to using Vue.js as a development platform. We will go through each of these points and explain why it is so important to pick up the tool and take advantage of the developer tools that it provides.

The first big benefit is that Vue.js developers have access to the same tools that developers with other development platforms have. In this case these are ES6 and TypeScript. With these two technologies you can use some of the new features without having to worry about whether or not they are compatible with the browser that you are using. The reason that you want to do thisis because the growing development platform that is Vue.js allows you to use the best and most recent tools that you can find.

The second big benefit is that when you use a framework you can actually stop worrying about core problems that might arise. The biggest problem with developing with a framework is that it is so easy to get caught up in the framework issues. You are stuck in an endless loop where you have to be working on the framework. This is never a good idea because it will prevent you from getting anything accomplished.

The next benefit that Vue.js gives you is the ability to create reusable components. When you write your own code, there is nothing that you can customize about it. Vue.js enables you to create components that can be reused anywhere.

The third benefit that Vue.js provides is the ability to create an unlimited number of templates. When you are building your application, you may find that there are a few components that you are going to want to use over again. In this case you can create a template which means that you only need to write one script and you can reuse it in many different projects.

The last big benefit that Vue.js provides is that it gives you access to powerful data persistence. If you find that you need to store data for your application, it is much easier to do so in Vue.js. You are able to use modules and data persistence which allow you to do more with less.

The bottom line is that you will want to find out how Vue.js will benefit you before you start creating your application. You will be able to benefit from the tools that the framework provides and you will also find that you can use them in your application without any problems.

So if you are still wondering “Is Vue.js Worth it” then you should try it out today. You will be amazed at the benefits that it will give you and the return on your investment will be enormous.

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