Is LinkedIn Worth It?

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Do you have a small business or organization that wants to get some exposure on LinkedIn? Is LinkedIn as it is an ideal way to get started? Consider some of the following questions.

When do you want to market your business? Is it going to be an offline event? Are you going to use targeted messaging? Are you going to use information in conjunction with your story to make it more believable?

Do you have any social media plans? Are you going to use LinkedIn to invite others to join your network? If you are not sure about this, you might want to talk to someone at LinkedIn who can tell you.

Do you have a schedule to follow? If you don’t have any one-on-one coaching, what kind of people are you connecting with? What if your product is at odds with their beliefs?

Do you want to know what is going on? How are people reacting to your content? Do you think your followers really want to talk about you? Do you think the folks you will connect with are likely to be receptive to your messages?

Is your content interesting and engaging? Do you think people will respond well to your message? If you’re having trouble figuring out how to get the best results from your content, consider this question.

Do you think your followers will “buy” your message? Will they ask for your link? Will they be interested in the material you offer? If you answer these questions honestly, you will begin to develop more effective LinkedIn marketing plans.

You must recognize that your LinkedIn profile is only one particular tool in your overall marketing plan. It is often used to build relationships, make introductions, exchange contacts, and to give away free products. It is not a substitute for email or other traditional marketing tools. Using the wrong content will often yield poor results.

In the early days of email marketing, people made the mistake of creating content to send out to the masses. But in fact, they did not have an effective way to communicate directly with their potential customers. With a LinkedIn profile you must always think of it as a complement to your marketing efforts rather than as an effort to sell.

A “content rich” page can lead to lost sales and, in many cases, deleted profiles. Your website is supposed to provide value and expand your customer base. Content-rich pages can create a “bounce rate” that may indicate dissatisfaction with your offering.

When developing a profile and the content to go with it, it is important to develop a style and an approach that will help you to create an ongoing relationship with your followers and customers. You can use the qualities of marketing that have been proven effective over time, such as article writing, press releases, marketing articles, podcasts, and video. These and other tools provide you with the opportunity to become an expert in your field. It also builds your credibility.

You can truly market on LinkedIn and be successful at it. When your content is interesting and engaging, it will build your following. The additional followers you attract can help your business get the word out about yourself and the services you offer.

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