Inmotion Vs DreamHost Web Hosts

Inmotion Vs DreamHost Web Hosts 1

Comparison of these two web hosting companies is very important in this age of information and online business. The problem is that each company has its own range of strengths and weaknesses.

Inmotion Hosting: This is a low cost web hosting company whose name came from the name of its founder, Jon Galloway, “in motion”. The company is privately owned and operated, but has built a strong reputation in the e-commerce industry.

DreamHost: The DreamHost company started as an internet-based “mail order brides” service. It has evolved into a very popular web hosting provider that can provide excellent customer support, plenty of email storage space, and other features. The company has grown rapidly and now offers great support for both their clients and partners.

Inmotion’s weaknesses: Inmotion has a number of negative points that might hold them back in comparison to DreamHost. Inmotion does not provide unlimited bandwidth; their forums are slow; they don’t offer a video interface; and they don’t offer Linux or Windows web hosting. This makes them an unsuitable choice for small and medium businesses.

DreamHost’s strengths: The company provides the very best support and the very best value for money. They have, however, taken on some of Inmotion’s weaknesses and have successfully addressed them. Their system provides a good security solution and good customer support, something Inmotion lacks.

Inmotion’s disadvantages: Inmotion is a direct competitor to DreamHost and it is often pointed out that they are competitors for a reason. However, their critics also point out that Inmotion’s “hosted” servers lack security and reliability and that they cannot provide any of the “full service” features that DreamHost can offer. In the long run, Inmotion’s lack of competition may hurt their business. These criticisms do not mean that Inmotion is a bad company though, but simply that they lack the market dominance that DreamHost enjoys.

Inmotion’s customer service: The “live help” feature is excellent. Customer support for Inmotion is very fast and efficient. Inmotion provides “root” access so that customers can install, change, or remove software applications of their choice.

Inmotion’s Platform: Inmotion is backed by the powerful Linux operating system, which is very suitable for their customers. Because of this, the company has the largest server base in the business. Their customer service is good and their hosting tools are highly recommended.

DreamHost’s Platform: DreamHost is often held up as a more “professional” hosting company because of the fact that they offer free upgrades to their customers, so that they can upgrade from one plan to another when the time is right. Their system is solid and their support is great.

Inmotion’s Technology: Inmotion is based on the newer VPS technology, which is a much better solution for their clients than shared hosting. Because of this, they have the most dedicated and technical staff in the business.

Inmotion’s Usability: Inmotion is a smaller hosting company with less than five thousand websites. The company is less well known, so they lack the volume of support and customers that DreamHost enjoys.

DreamHost’s strengths: DreamHost is a larger company with a huge server presence, they have software that gives them an edge over Inmotion, and the dedicated support staff is excellent. If you need a reliable web host, the DreamHost has a lot to offer you.

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