How to Write a Post Interview Thank You Email

How to Write a Post Interview Thank You Email 1

The next time your boss or HR professional asks you to send a post-interview thank you email, read through this helpful guide to writing an excellent one. Remember, an excellent post interview thank you note is essential to building a good relationship with your new employer and ensuring that the job will not be wasted on someone else.

This type of email is also different from a welcome letter because it goes beyond the traditional “I want to help make your workday fun and easy.” Instead, write an email thanking your interviewer for taking the time to interview you. You can make the interview feel even more personal and meaningful by writing an email that expresses gratitude for their time.

People are sometimes surprised to find out that companies expect the employee to thank their boss for the job as well. After all, isn’t your job simply to work hard and show up every day? Nothing to get really worked up about. However, doing so can take a bit of courage.

Have you ever had a boss who was extremely difficult to work with? You may have said things to your boss that made your job seem impossible. Or you may have changed your schedule or started to hate your job just to avoid having to deal with your boss. What happened and how did you respond?

I’ve seen it happen over again at interviews and jobs. I’ve seen people go from being laid back and friendly at interviews to aggressively rude or at least uncooperative at jobs.

It’s all in the nerves when you’re trying to perform well in an interview. They key to winning an interview is “ready” and showing that you know what you’re doing. So many times people say things that they don’t mean or they become defensive about their performance. They act like the interviewer has done it all before or has unfairly put them in the interview.

Now, if you have been labeled as a problem employee, what do you think your boss should do about it? I think most bosses would rather have someone that took the time to thank them for the job than one that showed up in a bad mood.

Send the employee a congratulatory note and remind them of the interview. Explain that they’ve earned an opportunity to show that they can do the job well. Then explain that if you don’t hear from them in a week, don’t worry, you didn’t overlook them.

In the email, let them know you want to thank them for the interview and that they’ve made a wise choice in hiring you. While it might be the case that they didn’t show up in person, you can’t fault them for taking the time to go online and apply. Maybe they are having a difficult time making ends meet right now.

On the other hand, maybe they have just been too busy with the new baby to attend an interview. As long as they received your reply and sent a thank you email with the form, then you have done your job.

Now, when you have both received and sent the thank you note, you can finally move on. If you haven’t heard from them within a week, don’t bother calling. Just get used to the fact that they didn’t get the job.

Another thing you can do to make sure that you send a post interview thank you email is to write a note after each interview by asking if anyone needs anything. Then, send your thanks. The invitation is out there, now all you have to do is show up.

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