How to Use Instagram Marketing to Increase Sales Using New Technology

How to Use Instagram Marketing to Increase Sales Using New Technology 1

You’ve finally decided to start taking the Instagram marketing step by step and you’re excited. However, you may be wondering if there are any steps that you can’t skip.

Take the Snapchat ( example: does it make sense to snap a picture of yourself as soon as you wake up in the morning or as soon as you take a shower? For some people it would make sense to do so, but for others it would not.

Before you decide on which one you don’t mind sleeping in first, consider that this is one instance where you should definitely go with your decision. If you don’t do this, you’re missing out on the social proof that Snapchat has offered you, the chance to be noticed by everyone who uses the application.

In addition, Snapchat offers a “selfie” feature. This means that users can take a “selfie” of themselves, a friend, a family member, a business associate, a celebrity, or something else they want to make a mental note of.

While Snapchat lets you take a picture with your eyes closed, other apps like Facebook also let you do this with your eye’s open. This means that you may have more success by snapping a picture of yourself when you are surprised, such as when you have something important to read while driving.

It would be wrong for you to wait until you see other people on Snapchat before you snap a picture yourself. However, if you are in the area and someone starts talking to you, you may want to snap a picture of you to make a mental note of the conversation.

With all of the new and old tools available for social media marketing, what other task do you need to make sure you don’t skip? It’s hard to go without eating breakfast and brushing your teeth; wouldn’t it be easy to skip those tasks and focus on getting a head start on Instagram marketing?

As soon as you wake up in the morning, you might want to follow a few of your friends on Twitter and post a quick update to let them know you’re awake. You could also try to log onto Instagram and tag your friends to let them know that you’re awake too.

This might sound like a time-consuming way to find new friends, but if you are serious about your Instagram marketing and would like to get your updates out there quickly, this is the most efficient way to do it. You’ll also want to be sure to post a photo of yourself as well, even if you aren’t happy with the look of your skin at the moment.

The next thing you need to remember to do is to look back at your previous morning picture and see if you can still spot something that is relevant to what you are trying to promote. You may want to make a new set of brushes for your face, perhaps by changing the colors slightly, or you might find it amusing to just run your fingers through your hair and try to recreate the “glow” of your previous picture.

Lastly, once you’ve finished applying new make up and the old make up has dried completely, you might want to go back to your old pictures of yourself and check out the brands of skincare products you’ve used. You might think that it’s pointless to re-tweet your old pictures, but many brands use previous pictures as a form of promotion these days.

For example, you might have re-tweeted a picture of yourself wearing a Chloe dress from their popular brand, just because you enjoyed the clothing and was happy to get it back in print, but then you ended up seeing it on another user’s feed. It’important to keep in mind that even if you are using a popular brand, it doesn’t mean that you should be doing the same thing in Instagram marketing that you do on your other social media accounts.

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