How to Get Started With Gutenberg Press

How to Get Started With Gutenberg Press 1

Who is the father of Gutenberg? There are many people and theories on this issue but the truth is that one particular person had the genius to popularize a new technology in the world.

One can say that Gutenberg was a genius who was able to take an idea and create a model for printing. Gutenberg is not as well known as Thomas Edison, but he is still a famous name today. This article will discuss the life of Gutenberg and his involvement in creating the printing press.

The life of Gutenberg began at the beginning of the fifteenth century. He was a follower of the main founder of Christianity, Martin Luther. He became an official member of the Lutheran church in Germany, he was also a lay pastor of a congregation. The era where Gutenberg and Luther were a part of the same church was known as the Reformation.

It was a time of political revolution in Germany, and the other part of the world. Martin Luther wanted to challenge the Catholic Church which dictated many rules and laws. The Pope refused to grant Luther’s request for the Lutherans to be treated equal with other Christian sects.

The only one who dared to defy the Pope was Martin Luther. The Church had already lost all its power in Germany, and when Luther was given the chance to print books, he did not hesitate to do so. This was a new revolution in the religion.

Luther however was later banned from doing his work because of the fear of how the Pope would react. Gutenberg however did not mind the ban because he wanted to test his printing press. His book “the gazetteer” was very popular during that time. It was first published in 1517.

The book is about the geography and history of Germany. It was a very popular book at that time because people enjoyed reading it. The book was published and printed in Florence by the printer Adrian van Schwab.

The book was then published by the printer Peter Jastrow. This is the same printer who was selling other religious books. Gutenberg also paid him to print “the gazetteer”.

When Gutenberg was finishing the book, the printing press came into use. He used it in order to make certain that the book was printed quickly. The press was a fancy device used to create great quality copies of books. It was invented by Michael Mistele, who was the brother of the famous printer, Tobias Mistele.

The Michael Mistele had the opportunity to explore the printing press while he was studying chemistry. He was the one who introduced the idea of creating a paper that can be turned into a metal. This kind of paper was soon to be known as the ‘base’ paper.

It was then that Tobias Mistele developed the process of using a roll of paper and drying it by baking it. This dried the base paper up to form a flat sheet. The folded paper could then be pressed onto the metal base to make copies of books.

The brothers Mistele was very knowledgeable about the evolution of printing. They knew that paper, ink and metals were the basic elements needed to make a book. They also had an idea how to print a word. The use of a machine was not yet invented and they started working on this new invention.

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