How to Compare BlueHost and iPage

How to Compare BlueHost and iPage 1

It is important to compare BlueHost and iPage. Both of these web hosting services offer the same features and functions for a price that may vary from a few dollars to more than one hundred dollars per month. BlueHost’s customer service is good, they have excellent support for their various plans, and their email system is fast and reliable.

However, there are some issues that can be associated with both web hosting services, especially with iPage. The differences between them are many and they must be considered if you are planning on making a decision between the two.

One major feature that iPage does not offer as part of their plans is a backup system. BlueHost offers backup services.

Another feature that iPage does not offer is a website security system. BlueHost offers an advanced security system. In addition, it also has an FTP transfer security that is great.

Neither of these services offers website design and development. If you are looking for that, then BlueHost is the service that you should be using. Both of these web hosting services offer basic website design and development, but that can be achieved through third-party service providers.

Finally, the main difference that you will find between BlueHost and iPage is the amount of disk space that each of them provides. iPage offers between 1.5 GB and four GB of disk space while BlueHost only offers between one and two GB of disk space. So, unless you want to have a really large website, you will be better off selecting a different web hosting service.

It is recommended that you consider iPage before BlueHost if you have a very large website or one that is very complex. They also have a lot of more options that you will need to use.

One example of a feature that you will find in iPage is the capacity to run a PHP script from its servers. This will enable you to run a program that will make your website a lot more user friendly.

It is also important to take a look at what they offer in terms of upgrades and how frequently they will give you updates. BlueHost does not have any type of periodic updates that you will receive while iPage does have this ability.

Finally, the key feature that will differentiate iPage from BlueHost is the security that they provide. Even though BlueHost offers some great features that will help you keep your website safe from hackers, iPage does not.

They also do not offer a protection from viruses and spyware that is necessary for today’s more high tech websites. BlueHost offers this type of security that is very good, but iPage does not.

You will need to weigh the benefits that you will get from both web hosting services and then make a decision based on which one you feel is best for your website. If you want a hosting service that offers advanced security, a good backup plan, a good amount of disk space, and updates on a regular basis, then iPage is the right choice for you.

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