How to Code Angular.js – Beginner’s Guide

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How to code Angular.js? The big question in the minds of many developers.

There’s a huge search online for answers and guidance on the topic. Even developers who claim to be experts don’t seem to know how to code Angular.js, let alone the basics. With Angular, you have full control over your JavaScript and are able to program into the same platform that you use every day.

And I understand the issues that come with newbie developers. As such, I’ll give you some tips on how to code Angular.js, but first let’s look at what this platform is all about.

What is Angular? Well, Angular is a framework designed to manage your JavaScript code, thus allowing you to manage and re-use code in other applications. It’s a fantastic tool to have when building complex, scalable web apps, apps that will allow multiple users to interact with the same database, or when implementing SPA (Single Page Applications). You can also use Angular.js with NodeJS, PHP, or ASP.NET.

How to code Angular.js? The proper way to begin is by using an Angular.js starter kit and a code editor.

The starter kit that most developers use is the Angular.js Starter Kit. You can download this from

If you get the starter kit, you then download a copy of Visual Studio or a free code editor such as Sublime Text, Atom, or Atom IDEs. All of these editors have built-in editing features. You can go into them and type away.

Once you’re done, and you should have learned enough to type HTML and JavaScript, you can begin to write Angular.js application code. Now you’ll want to install jQuery and Angular’s core component, Angular, onto your website.

Once you’ve installed Angular and jQuery, you’ll want to put them into the main directory of your website. You can do this by clicking on the main navigator and then clicking “Files”. Once you click that, you’ll want to go into the folder where Angular and jQuery are, and click into the “lib” folder.

After you’ve done that and copied over the files, you’re ready to begin the application. For instance, let’s say that you want to write a form, that you can use to collect data from your website. In this case, you could put in a form that accepts input from JavaScript. You can then link it to Angular.js so that it can do its thing, and when you’re done, just click the “Publish” button.

The nice thing about Angular.js is that you can do this in the code editor and do all the UI programming inside the editor. You’ll see a full page rendered in the browser, when you’ve completed the form. No programming, just plain HTML.

The point is, you should learn how to code Angular.js and create the application yourself. If you’re serious about creating your own custom applications, you’ll probably want to learn more about the language. But with the Starter Kit, you’re now ready to begin learning Angular.js, and making your very own applications.

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