How to Advertise Your Marriott Through Marriott’s Affiliate Program

How to Advertise Your Marriott Through Marriott's Affiliate Program 1

Marriot has a fairly interesting way of advertising their hotel on the internet. Their website has different pages for different groups. When you click on their website to go to their hotel page, you will be redirected to a page that looks like this:

A big arrow at the top will turn into “top” and a menu. The bottom of the menu says “click here”. So you can’t really click here. You have to click on the top arrow.

When you click this link, the top will turn into a logo, which is a logo for Marriott’s website and after that the Marriott logo at the top of the page will get replaced by the top Marriott name. In addition, the Marriott’s famous triangle logo will also replace the arrow. This logo is usually the one that appears on the Marriott’s website. And finally, there will be a visitor counter that shows how many people are currently visiting the site.

Therefore, you can see that the Marriott site is also promoting the hotel itself. You are advertising Marriott through this means.

However, the main purpose of the website is to promote the hotel so it is advisable that you don’t just grab any number on these links and spam your website. It is necessary that you should use the code of such websites so that the visitors will go to your own website. Once they get there, they might also click on the Marriott’s logo or Marriott’s website link.

Another thing that you must do is that you should place different affiliate links in different places. You should make sure that these links are being clicked on by other users. If you have a website that has several affiliate programs and you are promoting different hotels, then you have to try to place the Marriott’s affiliate links in all of the different pages. It is essential that they get more clicks than other sites.

With this kind of marketing strategy, the visitor of your website will not only be interested to go to the Marriott but he will also visit the Marriott’s website. When a visitor of your website is following a link from the Marriott’s website, it means that he will take some actions as soon as he clicks on that link. When he becomes a customer of the Marriott, it means that you will sell him more Marriott products.

So, when you place top links in your Marriott’s website, it will bring in the guests and they will become customers. However, make sure that your Marriott’s affiliate links are not all at the same time and you need to place top links in different sections of your website.

There are different things that you need to do in order to place top links in different pages of your website. First of all, make sure that you put the Marriott’s name and your website link in the URL of the top links. Furthermore, you need to put some information about your website in the top links as well as some information about the Marriott’s products.

Secondly, you need to place these links so that ad placement will be possible. If you place these links in the right sections of your website, you can expect more visitors coming to your website. As a result, you can also have more guests, and so you can get more sales.

Now that you know some more of the things that you need to do in order to place these links, you should also look for different affiliate programs that can help you do this. These programs should offer you a low-cost per lead in order to get more people to your website. These programs should also offer you the chance to advertise in different places like print, billboards, radio, and television so that your visitors can see you affiliate links. Overall, this is what it takes to advertise your Marriott through Marriott’s affiliate program. However, the best way to advertise your Marriott’s website is through your company’s name and through your own website.

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