How Can You Tell If Your Google AdWords Campaign Is Worth It?

How Can You Tell If Your Google AdWords Campaign Is Worth It? 1

If you’re looking to start a Google AdWords campaign, how can you tell if it’s worth it? How can you make sure that your marketing dollars are being spent wisely?

The answer is fairly simple; the amount of money you spend on AdWords will be influenced by a number of factors. Every internet marketer knows that whether to be considered a smart, or a foolish one is not dictated by how many followers an advertisement gets. A lot of the successful people I know, do not use AdWords and even when they do, are not advertising on twitter or Facebook.

The reason why they don’t is because Google Ads allows you to pay for impressions instead of just placing a link on your website. So what does this mean?

With a click-through ad being rather rare to achieve, you’re actually paying per click, rather than per impression. This means your total spend will increase if more people see your ad, as opposed to if your advert receives less attention.

When running a Google AdWords campaign, there are two ways to approach this. You can either opt to target your audience with a highly specific audience (such as your competitors) or target a broader audience.

You must remember though that targeting your audience with a highly specific audience, is going to take a lot more work. This is because most internet users are much more likely to click on your advert if it is highly related to what they are looking for.

If you have a question like “should I target my audience with this product”, then it is a lot better to target your customers with a product that they might actually use. This will ensure that they keep using your product, and you won’t get that dreaded “unsubscribe” message.

The second way is to target a broad audience with keyword phrases that they would want to search on. Your hope here is that people who use AdWords will also use your specific product, in order to find out more about it.

The best thing about AdWords is that you can change your entire ad and still not spend more than 2 cents on your campaign. If you want to put up an ad about a particular product, that doesn’t matter, as Google AdWords allows you to customise your ads to fit the niche you want.

Google AdWords is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to advertise on the internet, as the return on investment is amazing. You can easily set up a campaign within minutes and then see your savings increase day by day.

To conclude, the only way to answer the question of how can you tell if your Google AdWords campaign is worth it, is to test it. You must try out a free account first, before investing your money into a paid one.

If you do not feel comfortable with doing a trial then you should stay away from AdWords, as the choice to go with a paid account is always the better option. If you do use AdWords and improve the quality of your campaign, then you should reap the rewards.

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