How to Get More Organic Site Visitors Without Search Engine Optimization

more organic site visitors without any search engine optimization

You all know Search engine optimization is a long-term game, at least when it comes to biG brother. So how can you get more organic site visitors without search engine optimization? Well, let’s start with the history.

The History of Getting more Organic Site Traffic from Google Search

Stuff some critical phrases into your page, your meta tags, and construct some spammy rich anchor text links, and you were good to go.

You could see results in much less than a month.

Search engine optimization wasn’t as well complicated back then. So much so, that I even started a Search engine optimization agency and produced a handful of internet sites.

I was starting to rank my sites at the top of Google, but they didn’t make a dollar. Literally, not a single dollar.

In reality, I was losing funds on them since I had to pay for the domain registration expenses and hosting.

So, a single day I decided that I was tired of losing funds, and I was going to do something about it. First, I took the key phrases that I was ranking for and started to kind them into Google to see who was paying for ads for those terms.

Next, I hit up each of those web sites and tried to get a hold of the owner or the individual in charge of advertising and marketing.

Then, I asked them how much they were paying for ads and offered them the identical exact site visitors for a lot reduce cost. I was able to do this because I already had sites that ranked for those key phrases.

In other words, I offered to rent out my internet site for a monthly fee that was a fraction of what they had been paying for paid ads.

Next thing you know, I was collecting five figures in monthly checks. My “renters” were ecstatic merely because they had been generating sales at a fraction of the costs compared to what they had been spending on paid ads.

a diagram showing the process to get more website visitors without seo: Website analysis, client requirements, keyword research, content writing, website optimization, seo submission, link building, and reporting.

So, how do you get more organic site visitors without any search engine optimization?

Effectively, it’s fundamental. Back in the day, I employed to rent out my websites, the entire site.

These days I’ve learned how to monetize my web site, so I don’t rent them out.

But you know what, most of the websites that rank on Google are content-based websites. Over 56% of a website’s organic site visitors usually are going to their blogs or articles.

So why not rent a page on a person else’s internet site? From there, modify that page a bit to promote your products or services?

I know this sounds crazy, but it works. I have one individual that just reaches out to internet site owners asking if we can rent out a page on their site. We do this for all industries and verticals. When I look at how considerably we are spending versus how much income we are generating, it’s crazy.

Here are the stats for the last month:

Rental charges: $23,592

Outreach expenses: $3,100

Copywriting and monetization fees: $1,600

Legal costs: $480

Total mo. price: $28,772

Now guess what my monthly income was?

It was $69,984.49.

Now your price on this model won’t be as high as mine since you can do your outreach, monetize the page you are renting on your own, and you almost certainly don’t need to have a lawyer.

And don’t be afraid of how much I am spending on rental fees as you can get away with paying $ in the initial 30 days as I will show you exactly what to do.

It’s also not what you are spending; it’s about profit and what you are producing. If it won’t price you any income in the very first 30 days and you can generate revenue.

Here are the exact steps to get more organic website traffic without SEO:

Step #1: Find the terms you want to rank for

If you already know the words you wish to show up for, great, you can skip this step.

If you don’t, I want you to head to Google Ads Keyword Planner tool and type in a few of your competitors’ URLs, along with what you would search.

Develop a list of all of the keywords and phrases that contain a high search volume and have a high Cost per click (CPC). Keywords and phrases with a high CPC typically mean that they convert effectively.

Keywords with a low CPC usually mean they don’t convert as well.

When you are creating a list of search phrases, you’ll need to make positive that you have a product or service directly associated with every keyword if you don’t then you won’t be in a position to monetize the targeted traffic.

Step #2: Search for the term

It’s time to do some Google searches. If you want to get more organic site visitors, knowing who your competitors are is very important.

Look for all of the pages that rank in the best 3 results for the term you ideally want to rank highly.

Don’t waste your time with page 2.

What I want you to look for is:

  • A person who isn’t your competitor. Your competition isn’t likely to rent out a page on their site to you.
  • A page not yet monetized. Not selling a product or service. (If the page has ads, don’t worry.)
  • An internet site owned by a smaller company, or a publicly-traded business, isn’t most likely to do a deal. A venture-funded company isn’t very likely to do a deal either (Crunchbase will tell you if they are venture-funded).

Step #3: Hit up the web site

Typically, utilizing their contact page, they should have their email addresses or phone numbers listed. If they have a contact form, you can get in touch that way as effectively.

If you can’t discover their information, you can do a whois lookup to see if you can uncover their phone number.

What’ll you want to do is get them on the phone. Don’t make your pitch over email.

It just doesn’t function nicely over email.

If you can’t uncover their phone number, email them with a message that goes anything like this:

Subject: [their website name]

Hey [insert initial name],

Do you have time for a quick contact this week?

We’ve been researching your enterprise, and we would like to make you an offer potentially.

Let me know what works for you.


[insert your name]

[insert your business]

[insert your phone number]

You want to preserve the email short as I have discovered that it tends to produce more calls.

Traffic Generation Outreach Follow Up

As soon as you get them on the phone, you can tell them a little bit about yourself. When you do that, tell them that you noticed they have a page or several pages on their web site that interest you.

Point out the URL and tell them how you are interested in giving them income every month to rent out the page, and you wouldn’t alter significantly of it… but you want some a lot more data before you can make your supply.

At this point, you’ll want to discover out how a lot of visitors that page generates from the key phrases it. They should have can concept by just searching at their Google Analytics (you’ll uncover most of these internet sites don’t use Google Search Console).

Once you have that, let them know that you will get in touch with them in the next couple of days following you run some numbers.

Estimating the Value of Organic Website Traffic

Go back, try to figure out what each click is worth based on a conservative conversion rate of .5%. In other words, .if 5% of that site visitors converted into a client, what would the traffic be worth to you soon after all expenses?

You’ll want to use a conservative number since you can’t modify the page too slowly, or else you might shed rankings.

As soon as you have a rough concept of what the page is worth, get back on the phone with them and say you want to run tests for 30 days to get a lot more robust numbers on what you can pay them as you want to give them a fair offer.

Generally, most people don’t have a problem because they aren’t creating income from the page in the first location.

Step #4: Monetize the page

Once you figure out the steps you need to get more organic site visitors to your website, the next step is to monetize. If you are selling a product, the easiest way to monetize is to add links to the products you are selling.

For example, if you are selling a kitchen appliance, you can add links from the write-up to your site.

The easiest way to monetize a blog post is to add links to merchandise or services you are selling.

Don’t delete a lot of the content on the actual page you are modifying, padding isn’t too significantly of concern, but when you remove material, sometimes you will shed rankings.

Monetizing Service Based Businesses

As for a service-based business, linking out to pages on your internet site where men and women can fill out their lead data is excellent.

Or, you can just add lead capturing to the actual page you are renting out.

When monetizing the page you are renting, you will want disclaimers to let people know that you are collecting their information for privacy purposes. You also should disclose you are renting out the page and follow the links.

As soon as you are monetizing the page for a bit, you’ll have a rough concept of what it is worth. Then, you can make an offer on what you’ll page.

I advise carrying out a 12-month contract in which you can opt-out with a 30-day notice.

The cause you want a 12-month agreement is that you don’t want to have to hold renegotiating. I also contain the 30-day opt-out notice so that if the investment in SEO is not profitable, you can opt-out.

Quick Tips

Check out these six quick tips to get more organic site traffic from Moz or this 2020 SEO checklist to increase organic website traffic from SEO expert Brain Dean:


Search engine optimization isn’t the only way you can get more organic targeted traffic.

Becoming creative, such as renting pages that already rank, is a simple answer. Best of all, you can get outcomes instantly. Additionally, it’s probably cheaper than carrying out Search engine optimization in the lengthy run.

The only problem with this model is that it is genuinely challenging to scale.

If I had been you, I would do both. And, of course, if you can rent out the pages of every person else who ranks for the terms you want to rank for, it can provide several streams of income from Search engine marketing.

The beauty of this is model is that you can take up more than one listing on page 1. In theory, you can take up all ten if you can convince everyone to let you rent their ranking page. Now go out and get more organic site visitors!

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