Follow Up After a Job Interview Thank You Note

Follow Up After a Job Interview Thank You Note 1

Every job interview and application you send to a company get handed over to an assistant for forwarding. They are the ones who will decide if your email remains on the pile or gets deleted. This is a crucial part of your job.

job interview thank you email

One mistake you make is sending an email to “forward” it without thinking about whether it will get there or not. You also have to wonder if the person you will be sending it to even wants it. You need to ensure that the e-mail gets to the right person, not someone who just wants your business.

Here’s how to follow up after a job interview thank you note. First, send a thank you email to the assistant who forwarded your resume. After you send this, you will want to follow up with a phone call to see how your letter was received.

Then you will need to check your mailbox. If your letter didn’t get returned to you, get in touch with the company to see if you can add it to their system. If they will add it, do so.

Send them a check in the amount of the items you sent, make sure it is for their postage and give them a money order with a return address. With this check, tell them you sent it “with appreciation.” Don’t forget to include your resume.

Send it to them by mail. This will avoid clutter in your mailbox. Send it in a padded envelope. Make sure you include your name, phone number and e-mail address and that you are using a return address with “Return To.”

After you send them the letter, don’t forget to include a “Thanks,” the enclosed resume and thank you cards. When the time comes to give the cards, be sure to use a card stock that is easy to tear into individual pieces. Don’t keep them together as your hands can easily tear them.

Then check your inbox and see what is in there. Give your thank you cards and letter to whoever is listed first. If they are not on the bottom, check their address and send them a thank you letter first. When you know your letter and cards have been returned to you, you will have a better idea of how to follow up after a job interview thank you note.

It helps to think about what the person wanted from you. If it was a thank you for their time, thank them for what they did for you but don’t overdo it. Just tell them you were impressed. If it was for a job opening, include the full information about why you’re applying and your experience.

If it was a specific thing, include it on your letter and card. Write down some of the highlights about your background or experience, including anything that can help them find out more about you. The more they learn about you, the more confident they will be in hiring you.

Another tip for your letter and cards is to always include any tips and tricks that will help you land the job. In your letter, write down three things that you learned from the experience. Use them when you’re presenting to them. Even if you already have the job, include the advice so they can learn from your mistakes.

Thank them for the job, but include your interest in returning in the future. If you still want the job and find out that they don’t need you, ask to resend your resume. They are bound to get it back to you.

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