Features of WordPress LMS Plugin

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WordPress LMS plugin helps you by automating the process of creating, updating and posting in your blog. If you are in need of a blog that is successful on the internet, you may want to check out what WordPress LMS plugin can do for you. Here are some of the features available with the WordPress LMS plugin.

Manage and track your websites. The WordPress LMS plugin will help you to manage your blog by categorizing it according to categories. If you use this tool for tagging your blog or creating categories, you will find that it has helped you to manage and track your blog more effectively.

Communicate with your followers and visitors. You can use this tool to communicate with your followers and visitors to your website. You can post updates and comments through WordPress LMS plugin that makes you communicate with your blog visitors.

Enhance search engine rankings. You can use this plugin to improve the search engine rankings of your blog. Through it, you can add links to your blog site so that it can be seen in the search engine results when people search for certain keywords.

Sync themes and files. The WordPress LMS plugin helps you synchronize themes and files in order to keep your blog online. This allows you to update and modify your blogs easily without worry of loss of information.

Improve your search engine optimization. This plugin can help you get top ranking in search engines. It has an advanced search engine ranking feature that allows you to monitor and measure the progress that you have made in improving your SEO efforts.

Social bookmarking. You can add links to your blogs in social bookmarking sites. This tool helps you to share your favorite posts with other users.

Control post creation. You can also add your own tags that is beneficial for SEO purposes. This tool can help you create and maintain a blog that has search engine optimized content.

Google Analytics. The WordPress LMS plugin allows you to use Google Analytics. This helps you monitor the activity of your blog.

Post comments. You can use this tool to give feedback to your readers. This can help you create and manage a blog that is useful to readers.

Send emails. This plugin also allows you to send emails to your readers. It is convenient to send emails when you are using WordPress LMS plugin for managing your blog.

All these are the basic features that are included in the WordPress LMS plugin. If you want to create a blog that is successfully on the internet, you can try this plugin. It can help you to increase your productivity in managing your blog as well as improving your search engine rankings.

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