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defining personas

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Defining Personas

Before you define personas, you need to think about the Personas Definition, which is the first thing that people think of when they hear about persona studies. The Personas Definition is what you use to create your personas, not what the researchers and marketers use to create their study groups.

The experts use different ways to describe what a persona is and the difference between a real person and a fictitious persona is the most important part of creating the perfect persona.

Personas Definition

Personas are a group of people who belong to a specific niche group or category. Each of these groups will have its own expectations, way of doing things, and behaviors. A person has some qualities that define it, but no two people will be exactly alike, even though they are considered real people.

The Scope of Personas

In today’s society, we all know a persona is only as good as the job it does. If it doesn’t perform as expected, or if it is abused, the employee’s reputation is severely damaged. People who deliver on expectations also give the impression that they are proud of the job they have done. To measure and improve a company’s service, those who provide it with services have to be considered part of the overall persona and not just a one-off statistic, and this is an essential factor to consider when defining personas.

Defining Persona Performance

To gauge performance, we need to separate the real person from the fictional persona. Even though both have some characteristics in common, there is still a difference between them when defining personas.

First of all, the fictitious person is created by people, while the real person is created by employees. A fictitious person is made up on paper but once it is in written form, it has no real-life impact on the real person. But it will have an impact on the imaginary person.

Defining Personas Conclusion

When people are creating the fictitious person, they will come up with a name for it. This will be unique and it should not be a part of the real-life person’s name. There will be a name for each fictitious person and people will use this name throughout the entire period of the study.

Now that you know the definition of personas, you can define your own personas. Check out the diy digital marketing personas examples for inspiration and guidance.

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