Customer Persona Basics: 7 Essential Things to be Great

the basics of customer personas

While they can become rather complicated, let’s start with customer persona basics. Personas, or as the marketing team refers to them, customer personas, is a term you may not be familiar with already. However, it is a concept that will allow you to better understand and interact with your target audience, even if you have never heard the term.

customer personas

Let’s think about it for a second; how would your target customers? What type of people are they, and how does your product or service relate to them?

The Basics of Customer Personas 

There are many commonalities between individuals. These similarities might include an ability to think logically, having the drive to work hard, a passion for doing things, and some love for life. A person will relate to the user of the product they are offering. Marketing teams will use their customer persona as a critical tool in their marketing mix.

1. What are personas in marketing?

The idea of a persona might make sense if you have your personality, and if you are a good writer. An example of a persona is that of a middle-aged woman or a senior citizen. In the case of the person writing the persona, the writer can have a chance to express some of the traits they want to portray about the character they are portraying.

personas in marketing

2. What’s the difference between customer personas and buyer personas?

A buyer persona is a subset of customer personas, only considering the persona of the individual purchasing the product. While for b2c personas, this is often the same as a customer persona, buyer personas do not comprise the full customer persona for b2b personas.

3. How do customer personas help marketing?

Customer persona will provide the marketing team with all the needed information to better understand your audience. Take, for example, a customer who might be a senior citizen, a single mother, or perhaps someone that is in high school or college. The persona you use to understand your target audience will be one that will meet their needs, wants, and desires. All it takes is one customer, depending on how close it is to them, to find out if they are a sales prospect or a repeat client.

b2c customer personas

4. Why do personas work? 

The concept of marketing with customer persona will lead to much more effective marketing. Research has shown that people respond to a person’s voice over the brand face. You can get a more personalized message through personalization, as well as reduce some of the production costs of a company if your persona carries the customer’s information. This information can also be used to plan a better marketing mix and marketing campaign.

5. How can persona examples be used? 

You can use an example of your own if you are the type of person that can write. You can do research and figure out which of your persona would be better to represent you in a writing assignment. You can also use an example of a persona, and you could be using these to write sales letters for your clients.

Check out this video by Circus Street for more:

6. B2B Persona Examples 

People tend to write about the types of people they are, what kind of business documents they have, or even use phrases that may relate to their everyday life. Use your persona in the marketing mix, as the basis for using the term in writing or promotional materials. You can include a persona in the writing process to make it more exciting and detailed. Use your persona in the brochure or informational document.

Examples of persona examples include school teachers. If you are the person that has experience writing for students or parents, then you can use the persona of a teacher. Once again, your audience will get a chance to know and trust you. When you’re still mastering customer persona basics, make your personas more general and narrow them as you figure out what information is important to include.

b2b persona examples

7. The value of Brand Persona Examples 

The last crucial element of customer persona basics is simple.

Marketing with a persona in place is the best way to get information across to your target audience. Marketers will use a persona in the hope that the person they are writing to will not want to share the information they are writing. 

Creating valuable brand personas requires catering to your customer personas to the audience you are targeting. Utilize persona examples in marketing for something other than general purposes- use them directly to craft your brand personas. Brand persona examples are examples of brands who’s overall strategy, tactics, or appearance you wish to emulate in some way- the persona of your brand itself.

Customer Persona Basics: Wrapping it Up

Marketing with a persona is a good practice in marketing. Make sure you get some examples before you start with your persona creation. After your comfortable with customer persona basics, make sure to check out the DIY-digital-marketing persona examples collection, as well as this great wrap up on How to create a user persona by 99designs.

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