Comparison of iPage and Namecheap

Comparison of iPage and Namecheap 1

You may be tempted to compare iPage and Namecheap, but there are key differences between the two webhosting services. First, iPage is not a reseller of Namecheap; iPage is a completely independent web hosting company.

The similarities between iPage and Namecheap are limited to the fact that both companies offer a very good service. Namecheap is the world’s largest and most trusted web hosting company, and iPage, which is also a large and trusted company, is based in Australia.

With iPage, you can host a web site and use iPage’s control panel to manage all aspects of your site. If you buy a domain name, you can use iPage’s services to create your website. iPage is considered to be the leader in business solutions.

Another similarity between the two companies is that they both have a strong focus on security and reliability. iPage offers the most complete range of products and solutions and is one of the fastest growing companies in the Australian web hosting industry.

Both companies offer ready-to-use software that comes with their web hosting packages. Namecheap has many handy tools, and iPage also has some handy tools for hosting customers. Your choice of control panel software is vital to your success as a user of both systems.

Namecheap also has an e-commerce program, so you can take advantage of the value of your domain name for your web site. This allows you to take advantage of iPage’s web site design and management, while taking advantage of namecheap’s payment processing. With Namecheap, you can sell products, and iPage will handle all the payment processing for you.

Namecheap has many new features available, including the most comprehensive and flexible e-commerce experience available. iPage offers just as much flexibility for your e-commerce as Namecheap does. Both systems allow for the creation of a virtual storefront on your own website. So, if you wanted to have your own website with a store front, you can do so.

If you want to design your own web page, with all the features you need, both companies offer free hosting. If you plan to build a corporate site that sells things, both systems are suitable for you. iPage even offers its own PayPal account, so you can process payment through this popular payment processor.

E-commerce is one of the most important things that customers look for in a hosting service. And, with Namecheap and iPage, it is easy to set up a shopping cart for your customers. Even though Namecheap offers another business solution, iPage gives its customers more options.

Namecheap provides an optional domain name for customers with sales based sites. iPage customers can also use

iPage also offers customization of its web hosting platform through their website builder tools, or install programs. They can customize any part of their web hosting platform. Both systems give customers a variety of options when it comes to customization.

These two companies do offer a number of comparison sites that let you compare the two systems side by side. Just make sure you read the disclaimers carefully.

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