Compare WP Engine and Namecheap – Get the Facts!

Compare WP Engine and Namecheap - Get the Facts! 1

I used to be a big fan of Compare WP Engine and I know a lot of people who are also using this keyword-spamming program. This is not surprising since it can spam your page like a dog.

If you have some site that you want to give a review of, don’t do it without using your own words. Many times you will be able to find a name for the site or you can come up with a story about the site that would describe it very well. Your site should not have a catchy title or a fancy domain name.

A catchy title is something that you do not have to put in if you are aware of what this is. If you were trying to spruce up some blog content and you were looking for a way to get backlinks from other sites, but you didn’t know how to use one of these two methods, you would be wasting your time.

The difference between the two keywords is that one of them is just a word or phrase and the other is a complete keyword or phrase. The key word or phrase has to be somewhere in the post, but it isn’t always.

Check your past week’s data with Google Analytics and see what keywords are being used for each post. If you find out that you are receiving too many pageviews using the Search engine approved keyword, it’s possible that your site could be labeled as a spammer.

Also, when you compare WP Engine and Namecheap, it doesn’t always show up that your post is using search engine approved keywords. You might even get a site showing up that looks like it’s on one of these two services, but it’s not.

Namecheap also offers ads and affiliates. This is another benefit for it to be labeled as a keyword spammer.

So in order to determine whether your site is being spammed by compare WP Engine or Namecheap, you need to check your site statistics. I’m sure that you are pretty familiar with this because you’ve probably checked your statistics every week.

Then you will have to determine the percentage of your site that has been indexed and has ads or affiliate links placed in it. A site that is flooded with ads is likely to be a WP Engine site, while a Namecheap site will probably have less of an advertising influx.

With a small amount of work, you can come up with your own list of sites that have been listed on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all of the major search engines. If you have a site that has great content, it’s likely that someone will visit it and look at some of the related sites.

Once they are on a site and make a purchase, it will make it easier for you to get the traffic that you want. Another benefit to using the Keyword Research Tool is that you will be able to see what sort of ads are being placed on the site, the number of ads in it, and what it costs per click.

While the Keyword Research Tool can provide you with a good amount of information, it will only tell you about a site’s placement on the search engines. For more detailed information, you will need to visit a site that specializes in determining which sites are spam and which are not.

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