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Compare Hostinger Vs 1

Compare Hostinger and for Reseller Hosting Review; are you now in need of their services? If your answer is yes, here is some information which will help you in deciding which among the two is better for you.

Compare Hostinger is a web hosting company that offers unlimited web space for customers at a rate of $4.50 per month. While has a minimum charge of $100 for a year’s domain name.

Reviews on both companies suggest that on-line visitors get the most of their money. A person who creates an account on Compare Hostinger and will have 100 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth at a moderate cost. A person who creates an account on will get much less bandwidth and disk space.

There is a price comparison page on each of the sites, which makes it easy for the customers to understand the pricing structure and total value of the package. This helps them decide whether Compare Hostinger and is best for them.

Customers have the option of paying by credit card. However, there is a bank fee to be paid as credit card payments are processed. Some other charges are the cost of the domain name, the cost of hosting accounts and user registration fees.

Compare Hostinger also provides a free domain name if the customer pays for a year’s hosting at a minimum cost. The free domain name is offered for life. Thus, this business allows customers to enjoy unlimited hosting.

Customer support is provided 24 hours a day. While the Support line at is an instant response service; support for Compare Hostinger is also provided immediately. The customers are given support access in seven days in case of emergency or issues regarding the business.

The customer can pay with a credit card or with a bank debit card. The bank debits are charged according to the amount of credit card that the customer pays. on the other hand provides a credit card payment gateway. This payment gateway is used for processing all credit card payments. The payment gateway charges less than the other payment gateway.

Customer Support is available by email or phone. However, the phone service is more convenient for the customers. In comparison, email support is not always available for the customers.

Customer reviews on are generally positive, while reviews on compare hosting are generally negative. The customers who are satisfied with their services and with the service charges generally prefer to use compare hosting.

With all the differences between these two companies, it is safe to say that comparing hosting is the better choice. However, many customers are not convinced as to why is better for them.

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